Contact Form Response Issues

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Hey guys,

So I'm struggling with an overall issue of getting into potential clients' spam folders. This is happening on two fronts: my email campaign, and my contact form. I'm more concerned about the contact form.

When people are emailing me via the contact form on my site, I'm responding to them via my info@ email and many, if not all of my responses are going straight into their spam folders. Essentially I'm missing sales from customers I can meet the needs of because I'm not in their contacts yet.

Do you know of any approaches I can take to fix this problem? Is it links? Wording? My email? What can I do to make sure that my clients are getting emails.

I have been tweeting some of them (if I have their info) to tell them that I've emailed them. This is really the best thing that I can think of to do in the meantime.
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