Ustream just shot themselves in the foot !

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What on earth went through their heads ?

As it seems, it's now impossible for guests to chat on embedded ustream channels.
Now that ustream has implemented their "slow mode" (basically, killing the chat functionality) I have no more use for it.

I was having a live Q&A teleseminar for my subscribers tonight and it turns out... there couldn't be any Q's.
The seminar just bombed - sales tonight : $0.

Anyone knows how to turn that slow mode "functionality" off ? Or where I should direct my traffic instead of ustream in the future ?


Edit : i've been reading their blog and it seems i'm not the only disappointed, taking-their-business-elsewhere customer :
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    You could try Justin.TV

    But.. I think the no guest function is a good idea. Cuts down on Spammer ustream guests



    Bare Murkage.........

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    I never had spam on my channels, I guess it helps that my shows are in French.

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    WOW...bit of a backlash in the comments of that post!

    I know it's a free service, so you're limited to how much you can complain. However, it's the users which make it worthwhile.
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    Hi Tony:

    Sorry for the issue you went through and the frustration.

    What would it take in terms of time and any money to get the people that enjoyed the chat function on U Stream to move over with you to 1 or a couple of their competitors.

    If you take the high road and don't blame anyone for the situation but mention that you have found a service or two that will be more customer friendly and you offer them something free for following you, would that help put you back prior to the change of functions with U Stream?

    I hope things work out for the better.

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    Well, they'll follow me.

    I'm all about taking action, so i'm shopping around right now for another alternative (i'm considering indeed)

    I think it's important to try and draw the attention of the ustream guys to the mayhem this update is causing. It's a bit sad that 142 people so far commented on their blog, asking for answers and giving suggestions... but no one from the ustream team took the time to even acknowlegde the comments.

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