Need to make some noob money, any suggestions?

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Hellooo, im currently on summer holiday from university and looking to make some money whilst on holiday, I already have plans for a website, im writing all the content up now, its in an area i specialize in. Would be just to tell my online personal training to clients, already have 2 clients.

But im currently broke, and would like to make a quick buck working online. Im currently on fiverr already, have made around $70 in a month, would like to add to this somehow, anyone have any suggestions on ways to make a little bit of money online in my free time? Any websites where u can get paid per task ect?
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    best place is to offer services as you are already doing it.... improve your fiverr gigs and it you will help you make more money... fiverrr is a very good place to start making money with if you are good in providing good gigs... some people making in thousands per month on fiverr
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    What services do you offer on Fiver? You can offer your services here too in the warriors for hire section.
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    Fiverr is about the best place to start. Be sure to fully utilize it and offer many gigs instead of just one. You can look at other gigs to get ideas. I think they allow up to 20 gigs per user.
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    I think Fiverr is indeed a great way to start, what services are you offering there? Improve your selection, add more gigs and work harder!
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    You can try odesk since you are already a writer you can apply for blog and article writing, copywriting, creative writing or technical writing.

    Setup your profile first to look more professional and competent worker,
    you can add a portfolio of your previous works to add your chance in getting a job.
    Here's a link to start with odesk by the way it's 100% free.
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    Originally Posted by salemno1 View Post

    would like to make a quick buck working online.
    Wouldn't we all! Welcome to the forum! But the real money in this business really comes from thinking more long-term. It would be nice to do one thing, and make a bunch of money.

    But since you're a writer, you might want to check out what they call "content mills". It's the closest thing you're probably going to get to "do a task, get money".

    So sites like iWriter, Textbroker, Constant Content will pay you to write articles. They all their own submission guidelines and payment terms. You might want to check it out.

    You would at least make more than $70 in 30 days. You might be able to make that in a day on Textbroker if you stay productive and keep your output reasonable.

    Long Lost Warriors! The Secret Sales System! Act Now! Buy Now! Right Now!
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    Sell service on this forum. Go to warriors for hire section. You can make some money there
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    Selling your services on odesk and freelancer are great sources to make quick money while you are on holiday.

    Since you are into personal development and have since created a website, i would suggest you to build your business on it. Personal development is one of those evergreen niches where there is a huge target to market to.

    Start building a list and recommend great affiliate products that could greatly help your visitors. Write a ebook and sell online. Create a youtube channel and upload videos of personal development. Have a regular podcast and offer personal coaching services too.
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      Thanks alot to everyone who replied, really appreciate it, all very helpful.

      On fiverr I offer to write fitness and nutrition articles, because that's where my expertise are and also personalized training and nutrition programs.

      I got 2 online clients who pay me monthly via my website just from answering peoples questions on various forums and referring them to my website. I know it looks like a 4 year old made it on a school project! Im going to get an elancer to make it look nicer when i have money, I have already written up alot of content for it for when I get it made to look nice.

      Saved this thread to my favourites and im guna check out all the suggestions every offered. Thanks alot.
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    Avoid services that promise you to "earn money by clicking an email" or "surfing for cents". You should try ebay and sell some of your valuable things there. If you can master the art of ebay selling, you can very well create a good income from ebay alone. I would know.... i used to be an ebay powerseller and top rated seller before i started my website.
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    Here is a thread just posted today about sites that are willing to pay money for writing:
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      You'd make a lot more money taking the time to write a book on your knowledge that you could create once and sale to many, then to write reports for $5 each.

      Find some good WSO's or free books and reports about product creation and setting up sales funnels and list building, etc.

      Start by filling your site up with some quality articles.

      Then create some good products to sell (Ebooks, videos, etc) and create a good sales page for them.

      Use your reports to entice people into your sales funnel giving you their email address, putting the optin boxes or squeeze pages on your site.

      Then start giving them content by email, leading up to your sales page funnel. From there you can have the main front end product and upsell/downsells after like your personalized coaching program as an upsell to them. Maybe you could add a membership site later.

      Once you have this content to market, it'll be easier to attract people through free or low cost traffic.

      Set up a Fan Page on FB and iframe your squeeze page in a tab on it with a fan gate so they have to like your page and submit their email to get the free report. Then direct people to Fan Page tab through viral marketing, cheap fb ads, and videos that you create and rank on YouTube/Google with links to your FB tab. And also recruit affiliates to promote your sales pages.

      Once you get enough fans you can start swapping page promotions with others in your niche just like people do with solo ads. You could also grow your list more by swapping email solo ads with others in your niche also.

      None of it has to be expensive. Do as much as you can yourself by teaching yourself and not worrying about it being perfect. Then outsource what you can't do to people on Fiverr. You can get nice landing pages etc for $5.

      Good luck!
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    You can write ebooks for Kindle. Amazon promotes the ebooks, and you can promote them too.

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