How to Get lots of traffic for my service website?

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I have 1 service website (writing service), can anyone tell me how to get very good traffic for it?

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      Originally Posted by Chase Watts View Post

      By doing research on the forum:
      Nah, that means work...
      Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

      ― George Carlin
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    Start threads in relevant forums - most have a buy, sell and trade section of some type.
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    Since your service is writing you could write articles and post
    them on blogs or article services.

    Another idea would be to offer to write for people who
    have traffic, trade writing services for traffic.

    Just a thought. ;>)

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    Forum Marketing and Blog Commenting are the two best ways of getting traffic to your website.

    Have you installed a blog on your writing site?

    This is another good idea because it will work towards your SEO efforts as well.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Hi there,

    You first should add a sig link when you post some coments. I don't see any here. I run a writing service website too and I have found that the best way to get traffic is a mix of blog/ forum commenting along with some article marketing. Even though article marketing works ok, I much prefer blog/ forum commenting. I do use Twitter and Google + as well, and usually post when I have some promotional offers etc.

    The Warrior forum is a good start.

    Good luck

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    Originally Posted by gillw254 View Post


    I have 1 service website (writing service), can anyone tell me how to get very good traffic for it?

    you could also try using google plus and facebook there are lots of info on the forum about how to drive traffic using those methods
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    First join freelancing sites to get clients, later you can offer writing services to your clinets by your site.
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    If you have the money you could go for paid advertising.
    No Clicking Here - I Repeat No Clicking Here
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    Originally Posted by gillw254 View Post


    I have 1 service website (writing service), can anyone tell me how to get very good traffic for it?

    Hey, have you tried out Craigslist?

    Set up a "job" on craigslist offering your writing services. Lots of people on craigslist are looking to hire writers for there website. They will email you, and you can follow up by sending them to your website where they can get more details.

    If you use Facebook Ads, then this is definitely for you...

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    PPC, solo ads, blog advertising, PPV, affiliate programs, forum marketing, article marketing, article syndication, youtube, blogging, and freelance sites. So many ways to get traffic... are you willing to put in the work to get it? That's the real question.
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    Create a discount for Warrior Forum members and launch a WSO on your service.

    Stop wasting time. Just do it!

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  • Heya Gillw254,

    What I did eight years ago, after being gunned down twice and left totally blind without the possibility of ever seeing again, was to:

    • Identify specific problems and needs of corporations operating in industries where I have significant specialized knowledge and real world authority expertise in;

    • Create custom solutions for these corporations to solve their specific urgent problems and immediate needs that they can neither solve nor satisfy on their own;

    • Develop a shortlist of corporations with recently launched products, specifically those that could most likely be interested in my custom solutions;

    • Study the specific needs and demands of these shortlisted corporations in relation to my custom solutions, and integrate value added propositions into my custom solutions, in order to further customize these solutions for each of these shortlisted corporations, as well as a continuity feature that's mutually beneficial for both parties into these custom solutions;

    • Cold contact these corporations, particularly their product development and marketing department heads and Web property managers; and

    • Offer these custom, value added solutions for a short term trial contract, with the objective of converting these short term trial contracts into long term contracts, based on the real world results generated by these solutions for these corporations.

    What happened next?

    Found below's a video of yours truly, which was produced by the Asia Pacific Development Center on Disability of the United Nations and was uploaded to Youtube by a good friend, Thomas Ng, founder of Genashtim Innovative Learning and former Asia Pacific CEO (for more than 25 years) of Asea Brown Boveri, the world's largest power engineering firm:

    I did the things above without a domain, without a website, without a business email (just a free Gmail account), without an office (just a place that also served as our small rented home and a couple of ancient computers along with a residential DSL connection), without startup capital, without target exact match keywords, without a mailing list, without paid or free traffic generation campaigns and so on.

    Oh, and without eyesight.

    And, in barely a year, this grew our then manpower resources of 4 work at home moms and dads, including my wife and I, into a company with 140 inhouse employees and independent subcontractors combined, 2 head offices here in Manila and 9 provincial city offices across the Philippines.

    Now, we have expanded our custom solutions to other creative services and products,handle 15 long term contracts with our corporate clients at a time, have smaller departments that process smaller services like the services advertised here in this forum and in other SEO/MMO-related Web forums, and these smaller departments of ours generate profits that are used to fund our initiatives of training and providing gainful employment and business opportunities to blind and visually impaired people here in Manila, in Asia and in a few other countries outside Asia, and are now creating technologies for blind and visually impaired users around the world...

    Professional Content Writing Service @ $0.03 / Word: Contact Us HERE
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    Spend some money on good copy writing for WSO and launch it.

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