Which is the Simplest Affiliate Plugin?

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Hi all,

I will shortly have 2-3 digital products which I would like to sell through a very small number of affiliates (no more than 10 affiliates). The products are not fit for Clickbank (they're too expensive).

My technical abilities are limited. Is there a SIMPLE wordpress plug in that allows me and the affiliates to keep track of their sales?

Not sure if this is important but the products will be managed through Wishlist.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks in advance!
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    try affiliate plugin from tipsandtricks-hq.com
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    Originally Posted by Core Freedom View Post

    The products are not fit for Clickbank (they're too expensive).
    If you are referring to the price of your products here (and not the price of CB's fees)... they will let you sell a product at a much higher price than the usual limit if you have a good track record with them and they feel that your product is worth it. In fact, there are some products for sale on CB that cost in excess of $1,000.

    If you are referring to the price of CB's fees, on the other hand... I think that their cut is very reasonable considering what they provide (automatic affiliate tracking & payout, great stats, direct deposit to your bank, etc). It's pretty much as "hands off" as you can get for an affiliate platform.

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    Thank you Nates and Dolpet - will check them out!

    Brandon, I already tried with Clickbank and because it's a digital product worth hundreds and because it's so specialized (hence why only up to 10 affiliates needed), CB is not an appropriate venue. I don't need affiliates (already have them), all I need is the tool to keep track of sales and payouts, etc.
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    You can give Euraff a try. It is free for 30 days after you have completed your setup. It tracks all your sales ( including non-affiliate sales) and tells the source and keyword for every sale. Price starts at $99 only. Don't continue if it does not meet your requirement.

    Euraff - Next-G Affiliate Software. With all advanced tools. Know Source and Keyword behind every Non Affiliate Sale and Lead too. Automate 'Revenue Sharing Deals' with your Suppliers and JV partners. Special Edition for Multiple Website Owners. 30 days Free Trial!
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