Any advantage to JavaScript affiliate links over html?

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I've hooked up with a (Commission Junction) merchant who offers a choice of JavaScript or the html version for each banner and link.

This is new to me, so unless there is a clear advantage, I'll probably just stick to the html. Can't be too many drawbacks to that one.
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    I can't think of any advantage to using a JS link in that scenario. But I can think of a disadvantage to using one (a tiny percentage of your site's visitors will have JS disabled, so the link would not work at all for them).

    You might want to contact CJ directly and ask them if there are any good reasons to use JS links though. If there are, then you can go ahead and use JS links, and also put regular HTML links inside <noscript> tags for anyone that has JS disabled.

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    I don't think many mobile devices support JS either - might be something to consider.

    I'd stick with HTML - if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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      Originally Posted by NatesMarketing View Post

      I don't think many mobile devices support JS either - might be something to consider.
      Most smartphones support JS. But the older "feature" phones do not, for the most part.

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    Thank you Brandon. I expect that if you don't know of any advantage for JS, there can't be much.

    I do realize that some people have JS disabled. It's just that Adsense uses it, and then with this advertiser offering it too, maybe there is a reason. Glad to get some feedback anyway, and I don't suppose there's a big reason to switch.

    Thanks again

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    Back in 2006 CJ started an process to move everybody from HTML to JavaScript links.

    "On June 23, 2006, JavaScript links will become Commission Junction’s default link type in the CJ Marketplace. However, we will continue to offer Legacy links through the beginning of 2007. The Legacy links will be available for all your advertiser relationships, including those joined to before and after June 23, 2006. At this time we have not scheduled a date for which the Legacy links will no longer be available or supported. We will notify you at least six months in advance of making this change and will not require the change during the 2006 holiday season"

    Then all hell broke loss with publishers, petitions etc. So back peddled with this:

    "On August 30, 2006 publishers will notice changes in getting links in the CJ Account Manager™. This change will make it easier for publishers to choose either HTML or JavaScript links. To reiterate there are no plans to remove support for HTML links.

    However, advertisers will have the option to designate a link as JavaScript-only (with the exception of keyword links), if they deem it necessary. Commission Junction encourages its advertisers to support both HTML and JavaScript link formats, to meet the varied needs of publishers."

    So it seems to be a leftover from a bad idea...
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    no, and many devices dont support javascript anyway


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      Originally Posted by socialsignals View Post

      no, and many devices dont support javascript anyway
      Ummm.... most devices do support Javascript but a few don't.
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    by html version you also have the ability to change its layout/design which is not possible by js code.

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