Need a few warriors to double check my site - not working on my end

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Hello Warriors,
I have a exit pop on some of my sites and it works on some of them but not for others but the settings are correct. I need a few people to check out my site to see if it is working on your end. This has been happening to me for 2 exit pop utilities, exit popup magic and exit splash.

Check out this site and click refresh or close the window and you should get my first of two downsells. The first one gives the product or $17. Then close that window and you should get the second downsell for $7. This first site works on my end. Try it here:

Now the same page here isn't working on my end, I need to know if it works on your end:

I appreciate any help on this. I think it is on my end but my java settings are ok from what I have checked online. It's just not working for any new sites I install the exit pop on.

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