Is Google translator helpful for article writing

by catbrn
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Is Google translator helpful in writing the web page contents in other languages like Arabic, French, German etc. If yes, what is the accuracy percentage?
If anybody knows or have experience of using other resources to do so, please share.
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    From the limited material I have seen that has been translated, I would say that it would be worse than having somebody who speaks poor English write an article in English. Translations don't always accurately translate all words.

    Cheers, Laurence.

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    Machine translation is improving, but it still can't get a lot of the basics right. There are machine-assisted translation programs, like Trados, but those are only helpful for items you're regularly updating, not for constant new content creation. Your best bet is probably to hit a freelancer site and ask for the content to be created natively. Many native speakers understand enough English to write from your instructions but wouldn't want to translate word for word.
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    I would avoid it as you are most likely going to butcher the content of the articles much like the results from spinning articles in the same language. As textbroker said above, your best bet is freelance sites if you want to really focus on foreign markets.
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    Helpful in that you can "translate" text in other languages. But Google translator, like others that are software/machine based, have a strong tendency to provide literal translations. The result is less than perfect as others have mentioned above.

    The problem is one of context. Some, and maybe most languages, make extensive use of contextual meanings. Even Google is trying to deal with this because sometimes they'll present you with up to half a dozen or more possible words to choose from. It has to do with context. Of course you will have no idea which word to choose.

    Also, an English (or any other language) site that is established will appear in foreign versions of Google. For example, which is German. A well-established dot com English site can appear in the serps for foreign Google search engines. If so, then there will be a translation option link in the serps listing next to the English dot com site. Clicking the link translates the site using Google translator. So... unfortunately the results are less than perfect. I know this from experience with a client I'm working for right now.

    Sort of a long-winded response but it's helpful to know what you're dealing with. If you have the funds, then go to the major outsourcing sites and find a good native speaker with reasonable rates.
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    If you're going to use Google Translator, don't waste your time doing it manually. There's plugins that will do it for you: WordPress › Search for google translate « WordPress Plugins

    Just find one that uses SEO friendly link for the translations so they will be indexed too.
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    It's best to hire a translator since everyone's writing and speaking style varies. For example "Please could I have that pencil?" "May I have that pencil please?" "Please give me that pencel"
    All of these could be interpreted soo differently within a translator.

    PS: I am sure you did not notice I spelt pencil incorrectly in my last question. Incorrect spelling also is a problem
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    Google Translate usually doesn't make sense. You can hire a good person to make it on Odesk.
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      Automatic translators, such as Google Translate, are getting better, but they are still a joke when it comes to properly translating from one language to another.

      My wife is a professional translator, and she has never felt these translation engines to be a threat to her profession in any way.

      You can test this for yourself. Find a web page written in another language, French, German, Spanish - whatever - and copy a block of text. Next, paste it into Google Translate and have it translated into English. It may make you laugh, but I doubt if it will impress you.

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        I think Google translate are designed to translate the simple phrase of words. But if you are working on a long and complicated translation, I doubt if you were to be able to finish your web page contents.

        It's wiser to outsource for this kind of work. It will take time for engine translation to overturn humans as their counterpart rival.
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    I don't think google translator is on that level yet. Hopefully one day.
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    Hi there,
    I think google translator is good if you want to understand something in a language that is total stranger to you. But definitely not good for writing in another language, as it distorts the whole meaning of the sentences and makes them sound ridiculously funny to native speakers.
    Hope this helps!
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    Nope, don't think so. Just get a professional service IMO

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    I too think that google translator is good, though I use it to translate english to hindi for my project and it gives me idea enough to understand but its not anywhere near to accuracy because it can't understand what is subject and verb etc as it just translate word to word and leave sentence sequence for you that's why you only can get a idea only.
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    No. Automation vs natural experience based translation never ends in coherent document for a native reader.

    I am working on a translation module for my article spinner. It will all end badly I expect, but hopefully by the time I iron out the bugs everybody will be speaking Mandarin.
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    Speaking of Chinese, the translations are absolutely awful. You can get the general gist most of the time, but it's nowhere near where it needs to be to be useful in a legitimate business.

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