Best Way to Monetize This Type of Domain?

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Hypothetically speaking, let's say someone owned the domain name LeBron James dot com (obviously I don't, but wish I did). It's just a convenient example in this case.

What would be the best way to monetize it?

The obvious answer is "sell it to LeBron for $1 million". Let's assume that you wanted to keep it...

1) Would you place Adsense ads on it?
2) Could you sell LeBron James merchandise, or is that a Trademark or Copyright issue?
I'm assuming that you can't, but figured I would ask.
3) Could you at least place products as affiliate links, so that when they visit your site and click a product, it directs them to and you get paid as an affiliate for whatever they purchase?

I know that it's probably a combination of things. There are probably some options that I didn't even mention.

***How would YOU monetize this site?***
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