YellowPages or Google?

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Hi there,

I'm wondering what the best way to generate business leads is, and what method will produce the most results. I heard that YP does not have as many website links as it once did, and that google is taking over. What do you guys think?
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    Do both.

    Problem solved.
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      Originally Posted by NatesMarketing View Post

      Do both.

      Problem solved.
      I think its a waste of time doing both. The amount of time it will take sifting through duplicate listings will not be worth it imo.
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      Originally Posted by NatesMarketing View Post

      Do both.

      Problem solved.
      Then test both and see which one yields the best results

      have a good one,
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    What business do you need leads for?

    Call Center Fuel - High Volume Data
    Delivering the highest quality leads in virtually all consumer verticals.

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      Originally Posted by hpgoodboy View Post

      What business do you need leads for?

      I need dentists all over the US.
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    Are you targeting a local market?

    YP stats: 80% of consumer budget spent locally and local searches 61% result in a purchase.
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    do both if it doesn't take much time.
    Dentists are more likely to be yellow pages as well, so its better not to ignore it...
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    So, you should submit your business site to the yellowpage directory and other local business directories like manta, superpages, showmelocal etc. It will help your site to optimize in google and you are achieving the target of getting listed in yellowpages.
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      Both are important in targeting your market niche, but it's just comparing a sea over an ocean.

      If you think doing both will be a waste of time, leave yellow page and push through Google, where you will meet not only target market but also business competitors.
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    Well, the latest update in 2016 (in case people are still wondering) is that is STILL up n running the way that it should be. It has actually improved over the last few years. So collecting leads from is STILL VERY effective. There are no problems with the site as it currently stands.
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    Why not do in a traditional advertising way?

    opt in pages and facebook ads or google ads targeted locally

    Maybe if the niche is so specific you can do fb ads and google display ads in blogs/sites realated. Most of the users try to find a solution surfin blog and sites of the web, when in need of advices of health etc.
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    I think both of them still have effective.
    YP help you find your real target customer through they find you by themself.
    I think it dose not take much time.
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    I've built custom scrapers for both, Google has way more records. At least in the few niches I have used.

    Keyword Snooper - fast and super-affordable keyword tool

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    I help local business owners with this question, and it really depends upon the type of business they are in. Most people I push to google and away from yp. But some, like lawyers, still get a good amount of leads out of the phonebook. The reason is many older people still have a phone book on their shelf, and they pull it out.
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    I would do both if it is at all relevant.

    However if I was generating leads for online related offers & services I would look almost exclusively to Google...Craigslist and places like that.

    If I was offering an offline service ie. painting etc. I would list on the yellow pages, and also list with the BBB and place like that.
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    If you think your Brand is Local Base where no need Internet to search then go for Yellopages,

    If you are Global level where people need to buy online then GOOGLE

    Thank you,

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