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I've been reading many post regarding article marketing and there seems to be a bit of a conflict regarding how many directories you should publish to.

I currently only publish my articles to 6-8 directories but I would like to have a better understanding of the matter, so please share your opinions

thank you,

why should I also post the articles in a blog on my site?
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    You should publish to your blog first and then submit to directories.

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      I am not a fan of multiple posting of articles. In my opinion, the main reason that people may post to many directories is little more than a backlink exercise. The amount of traffic, in most cases, that you get from the other article directories compared to EZA is nothing. However, the more backlinks your site has, the more likely it is to rank higher in the search engines for your keyword phrases. Therefore, multiple posting can be viewed as a way to get your website ranked higher, rather than floods of traffic.

      In all honesty, rather than posting my articles to other directories, i would rather put a few articles together, add a few pictures or video and post to hubpages or squidoo. They have more authority in the search engines than most of the other directories and us human beings as a whole are more attracted to bright, flashy things! Pictures, videos and more attractive layout, etc!

      As for why should you post content on your site, blogs etc. You need to be aware, that with a blog or website, this is your content that you own. By posting articles to article directories, you are publishing your content on someone else's site. While, currently posting to EZA articles can give you floods of traffic, this does not mean that this will always be the case. If EZA suddenly becomes less favourable in Google's and other search engines eyes, this could then have an impact on incoming traffic. As long as you have purchased a domain and hosting for your blog/site, you have ownership and to some extent, you can control your own destiny.

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      I only submit to Ezine Articles. If you can combine the quality with quantity, you will see the benefits even more. However, it is not that easy to submit 10 articles with same quality.
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      Originally Posted by bradpitt1111 View Post


      Easy tiger...

      Bare Murkage.........

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    Hi MunkMurray,

    I suppose you are thinking about the quality or quantity of your articles. Am I right?

    Then to your headline: the quality of your article will gain qualified visitors to your site. Period.
    So the quality is the essence.

    To how many directories...: your interest is to reach as many exposure as you can. More submission -> more exposures -> more visitors -> more sales.

    Btw I agreed on Partha's reflection, too.

    All the best,


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    Always try to put quality work out there. That is the most important thing. When you are posting to your own sites I would go with lengthy informative posts if that fits your niche.

    If you are using articles for directories for traffic and backlinks you can write shorter articles to increase the amount that you put out there. But this doesn't mean that your short articles shouldn't be of quality too.
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    thank you all,
    can anyone tell me why not to submit to as many article directories as possible?
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      I agree that you should post in your own blog first.

      Then submit to quality article directories instead of quantity. Why? Simple reason is that quality article directories will deliver traffic. Same goes when you submit your URL to links directories, search engines, etc. It is useless to submit quantity directories, links directories, etc since it will not deliver traffic. Instead you might end up with lots of spams in return.

      Go for quality if you want good result.

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    Benefit of quantity is by writing many articles that will be submitted to article directories you are building many backlinks to your website, though the articles may lose the real benefit of article marketing cos same article is being read everywhere.
    But quality is greatly important, if you maintain superior quality, you can appear as a true expert within your niche.
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      Well, I do believe that it is very important to have a quality article or website than having a quantity that are not relevant to the topic.
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    Take my blog posts for example. I will post to my blog then submit it to 10 article directories starting with goarticles.com i will then bookmark it to a further 20 sites and whilst my fingers are recovering from all the typing i am first page on google.

    however if i was doing bum marketing because the amount of articles i would be submitting i wouldnt have the time to bookmark and will just submit them to goarticles.com and still get good results but i wouldnt be number 1 on google even though i would still get good sales from the articles.

    i would rather write 5 quality articles a day (25 over a week) bookmark them and get results that mess about getting hundreds done.

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      Originally Posted by ashis11 View Post

      i prefer quality rather than quality
      i think you mean ' quality versus quantity', and i am just wondering, what are the factors, that you can consider a good quality article.
      hates the rain
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    Quality as always. As another poster said, I believe that posting to many directories is a backlinking strategy.
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      why not to submit to as many article directories as possible?
      Because many of them have low SE rank and no traffic. What's the point of putting your articles on sites if the link carries no weight and no one sees the article? Waste of time....but that's my opinion and others may like using mass submissions.

      There is no right or wrong. Try it several ways and see what works for you.

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    Yes, posting to many directories is mainly for the backlinks. I don't think there is anything wrong with it, but you may want to outsource that part or use a service because it can be very time consuming.

    I usually opt to use my time on more writing and stick to the 3 or 4 directories that I usually submit to which always includes EZA.
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    You can automate the article directory submission, how much time can it waste?

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    I guess a combination would do. Writing articles may not be an easy thing if you are doing it day in day out. So, mix things up!
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    Should always go with quality over quantity. ^_^

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