How well are JV Giveaways working these days for list building?

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Hello all, Marty here...

I know in the past, using Giveaway events worked pretty well for growing your subscriber lists, but it seems to be flooded these days. Just trying to take a quick poll to see if this is still working for others.

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    I haven't seen any JV Giveaways for a while. They used to be quite frequent.

    I think it might have something to do with the value of the word 'free' nowadays. There is so much junk being given away for free that I now very rarely ever look at any of the free stuff. People have overused and abused the word and so it doesn't have the same meaning it did a few years ago.

    Do I still think a good JV contest could work these days? Sure. But these days I think marketers (myself included) would rather release a paid product and build a list of buyers rather than just the freebie seekers.
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    They still work for me, and I enter them regularly.

    I also watch lots of them, and the biggest problem that
    I see is contributors signing up as JV partners, and then
    IF they get around to adding a gift, they often don't
    promote. So there is a lot of shirking.

    Many of the giveaways are also very poorly managed.

    I create a unique gift write out an autoresponder series
    related to that unique gift and then help push traffic to the
    site, and I build focused lists where I know the specific
    interests of the list members.

    I actually have a webinar planned where I'm going to teach
    interested parties how to actually make giveaways work
    for them.

    I have been in giveaways where primarily using social media,
    I have generated more "members" than the next 3 individuals
    combined... pointing out the shirking problems.

    I also see a lot of people just offering outdated JUNK... which
    even if they could convince someone to download it, starts
    the relationship off on a bad note.

    Yes, they can and do still work, but you need to select the
    right ones!


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    Thanks for the feedback guys. I just didn't want to spend a lot of energy in building up the giveaway space until I reached out to others to see if it was still worth the effort.

    Once again, thanks for the feedback so quickly.
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      Originally Posted by martbost View Post

      Thanks for the feedback guys. I just didn't want to spend a lot of energy in building up the giveaway space until I reached out to others to see if it was still worth the effort.

      Once again, thanks for the feedback so quickly.
      If you ask Dr. Marlboro: "Is smoking good for you?" what reply would you get?


      You got a response from guys that have shares in the giveaway event game. So it is very unlikely that you will hear anything bad.

      Here the dope from somebody that has no shares in the game (Not doing it. Not participating. Not selling software or courses related to it).

      If you are the event creator: It makes sense if you get enough people to participate. The key point is to educate each participant.

      And exactly that is why it usually is only a game where the one organizing the event wins as he gets ALL names. The participant usually do it somehow without a lot of steam and get not much in return.

      Probably the best approach would be to not invite people to participate in a giveaway event but rather invite them to a webinar. During that webinar teach them how to do it and make them do it right away and then schedule a 2nd webinar to show the real tricks and how the pros do it.

      That 2nd webinar would be the next day and prerequisite would be that they have already signed up.

      You can then even do a 3rd webinar where at the end all participants hit the send button.

      So basically you would control the whole process from start to finish.

      If you would organize it you would profit big time but each participant would also profit as they all know what they are doing.

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    Im new to it but did one with Kevin Fahey. Cost me $20, got nearly 300 optins. Did a couple with the guys that run them 2 or 3 a month and got about 10 optins but the jv was free. Seems like if you have to pay to get in, the people are more serious.

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