Kickstarter Campaign - what am I doing wrong?!

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Hi all - I launched a Kickstarter project for matching couple t-shirts a week ago (45 day project) and I've seemingly done everything "right" by the book, but I've been struggling to get backers and I'm trying to figure out why. I'm definitely needing some help from any kickstarter pros here on warriorforum.

I'll start off with some details:
So my question is... what am I doing wrong? Is is the product? Is it too early to tell if this is a failed project?

How else / where else can I promote this project? I've seen failures in places where its "supposed" to work.
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    Here are some problems you may have.

    1. People are not interested in the product either due to the price, or because they simply don't want it. You are targeting a very niche group of people who are in a relationship and want to flaunt it.

    2. You are not sending enough traffic to the page, or you are not sending the right kind of traffic to convert.
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    I looked at the project.

    It's an idea. Good idea.

    The designs are nice. Very nice.

    The pricing: are you kidding?

    T-shirts are $3 to $10 a pop. You try to sell them for $21 (only for early birds)
    and then for $25 a piece.

    Sure, you can buy t-shirts for $20, $50 and $300 and more. But that are established brands.

    You are competing with no-name shirts.

    1. Make them $10 a pop (leaves you with at least $8 profit a pop)
    2. remove the first 2 options (the video and the chain)
    3. Give every single customer the option to send in their pictures or let them upload it or whatever. They will spread the word for you.

    Once you are launched you can sell for $25 or even $50 a pop. But then you have the support of thousands of happy customers (fans).

    And another thing: Your FAQ is probably a little too political. Yes, I understand that you are based in San Francisco and there are probably more same sex couples than anywhere else.

    Kickstarter is world wide and making your first FAQ question whether you sell to same sex couples might get you a few brownie points with the media but might eliminate a majority of the population just because they do not share the same opinion.

    With listing that as your first question you give huge importance to something that is probably not that important of an issue for many people. On the order form you can simply offer the options to select what sex people want and you would not have a problem.


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    You have to build traffic to the page yourself and build hype for it. If it's not a hypable project, chances are that it won't get funded. You can't just throw anything up and expect to have people throw money at you.

    Most projects that get funded have to go viral first, at least to some extent. And going viral means more than getting 700 likes or whatever.
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