Laptop or Computer - Which Do You Find Better For Productivity?

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Which do you find better for productivity? Which do you use more (if you have both) and why?

Just asking because I'm really not sure if i should get a laptop or a computer.

Hope you guys can help me make a decision.
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    In my opinion using desktop computers enhances your productivity compared to Laptops.

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    I use both. A desktop keeps me sitting in one place, so I know I'll be less distracted by trying to do 2 things at once (like writing articles while watching TV). However, if I go on a trip, or I head over to the laundromat, then a laptop is the only way I can be productive!

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  • Profile picture of the author Desmond Ong
    I preferred a laptop. I store all my business stuff in my laptop.

    My desktop is kind of for school works and games.
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    Definitely laptop, as you can take it pretty much everywhere you go unlike a desktop.

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    I use a laptop all the time.

    The main advantage is that I can work anywhere in the house.

    The main disadvantage is that I can work anywhere in the house.

    Seriously though, I like being able to go upstairs, downstairs, spare room, living room, or the front porch on nice days. It allows me to work at my leisure (oxymorinic?), and to use blocks of time more effectively.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    I like using my desktop because it has dual monitors which greatly enhances my productivity. Laptops are great as well because like right now I am traveling and can take it with me.

    With that being said I find my iPhone a must as well because it keeps me always connected to my business(which can be a good or bad thing).

    Slime England

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    Here is my usage ranked from most to least:
    1. Desktop
    2. gPhone
    3. Laptop

    I plan to get a netbook later this year once they have some running Android with touch screen.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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  • Profile picture of the author Owen Mailer
    laptop and blackberry
    you will never be alone again. my other work means i work 6 months in the uk and 6 months in spain so i think if you travel get a laptop if not buy a mac
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    The only use for my desktop is for recording tv, watching movies and listening to music.
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    I use a laptop right now, but mainly because my job provides it. I am using it for getting my online business going. Once I have the money I'm going to buy a laptop of my own and get all my stuff off the work computer.

    I will also get a desktop once I get an office. My area has office space I can rent for a few hundred a month that comes with my own phone line and receptionist that will answer it with whatever greeting I choose.

    Once I set the office up I will set up an account with or something similar so I can access all the files which will mainly be housed on the desktop. That way I can work from the house if I want to.

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  • Profile picture of the author Clyde Dennis
    For productivity I'm better on my desktop.

    The laptop allows me to have the thing I covet most, flexibility in my work schedule AND location.
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    It totally depends on how mobile you are. If you're working from home, a desktop will run faster and all the litle 30 second waits that you don't have will add up and save you a bunch of time.

    Of course if you have a lot of transit time that would otherwise be wasted, the laptop is your friend.

    Or, and I just suggested this to someone in another thread, have your cake and eat it too. Buy a laptop, and also buy a monitor, keyboard and mouse, all with USB. Set the monitor, keyboard and mouse up on your desk at home.

    When you're at home, plug the laptop into your setup and it will behave much like a desktop PC. You won't have the extra processing speed, but you'll have the larger screen and keyboard, and more room to move. Then when you go out, pull out the USB's and you have your laptop.

    I used a setup like this for about 6 months and it worked great.

    On a performance note, for anything text based like word, or html coding, you shouldn't notice a big difference. The same goes for web browsing. The big difference between desktop and laptop is graphics. If you need to create graphics and you want a laptop, choose carefully, because mobile graphics just can't compete with a big beefy graphics card.

    Oh, and Acer for the win. I swear by them for laptops.
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  • Profile picture of the author J. Barry Mandel
    Get an Acer Aspire One and then hook up dual screens or a flat screen monitor to it and add a wireless mouse.

    It's like having both all in one and when you're ready to travel disconnect the Acer and take it with you

    It's the best of both worlds plus it's relatively inexpensive.
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  • Profile picture of the author jensrsa
    Laptop. I don't like being tied down to a work station and I work with offline clients so it make life easy meeting in coffee shops, etc.

    Also when I watch sport during the day I can still work LOL.

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  • Profile picture of the author stefanjames
    Laptop for me. Everyone is different. I actually own two laptops but I think it's more productive because you can take your business anywhere you want.
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    Personally I use my laptop a lot more because I can hang out with my family when I'm "working" online. Although when I get to the point that I can do this full time, I will definitely have a dedicated desktop / work spot that will be designed around productivity to get stuff done w/o distraction.
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  • Profile picture of the author MarkWrites
    I'm a big believer in both. If that isn't possible, I would suggest a laptop because you can still use it in a home office situation and it can also go "on the road" with you so that you can be productive when you away from home. The versatility and portability of a laptop often pays for itself over a short time.

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  • Profile picture of the author Shakul

    I was in a very similar situation...

    So, here goes my story:

    I was having a HP Desktop and HP laptop, with 1GB DDR 2 RAM, And Dual Core 2 2.0 Ghz processor..I was happy with it but the problem with it is was that it wasn't a power horse, like I was not able to run widgets, AIM, Firefox, Visual Studio 2008 at the same time...

    So, then I decided to buy a new PC.

    And I started to think whether should I buy from HP or DELL?

    Since, I needed a very powerful PC, my only choice was DELL. I am from India, and in India only DELL provided power horses...

    So after choosing DELL, I got confused whether I should get a Laptop or Desktop...

    It took me many days to decided between this and I ultimately brought Dell Studio XPS 1640 Laptop and the reason behind this was:

    ->You can take your laptop anywhere..right now in my country time is 11 PM and I am in a

    ->I can take it to other places, like other parts of my country..anywhere

    ->The design of this laptop is very attractive PLUS it is very powerful..

    Here are my laptops specs -> 250GB SATA HDD, 3GB DDR3 1066 mhz RAM, Intel DC2 2.56 Ghz processor, ATI Raedon 3670 512mb video card...

    Now, I come to the "productivity" point..It depends on the PC configuration which makes one PC more powerful from another...If you want to work near windows..or different positions/places then choose laptop...

    Also, if you do full time IM and you sits in front of your PC 12 hrs a day then choose laptop, the reason behind this is that you should not keep sitting in just one place for more than few hrs, after getting a laptop you can move from one room to another, sit on sofa, bed, etc and do the work...

    Let me know if you have any questions...

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  • Profile picture of the author JaySabree
    My vote is on laptops - take them everywhere - get mobile internet and a couple long lasting batteries... Your good to go

    Originally Posted by Skribblez View Post

    Which do you find better for productivity? Which do you use more (if you have both) and why?

    Just asking because I'm really not sure if i should get a laptop or a computer.

    Hope you guys can help me make a decision.

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  • Profile picture of the author Rich Williams
    I only use laptops but I'm finding that I tend to just work from my desk in order to actually get any work done.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jim Talbott
    Like others here, I use both. My desktop is generally where I keep most of my important stuff. It's almost like the mother ship. However, I also use a laptop for when I am traveling, and then later I can come back to the desktop to update my files.
    Hope this helps.
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  • I have a laptop now after 4 years of using a pc, i should of done it years ago, they take up less room, a real plus point for me, as my house is tiny.
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    • Profile picture of the author Wakunahum
      I would say a laptop.

      1. You have portability.

      2. You can plug in a monitor, mouse, and keyboard and use it EXACTLY like a desktop if you feel you work faster in that environment.
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  • Profile picture of the author Tyrus Antas
    Laptops deliver horrible ergonomics. Not only that but laptops have failed on the promise to deliver portability: they are heavy, slow and have horrible battery life.

    Recently I bought a new desktop workstation as well as a netbook. Couldn't be happier. The desktop is much faster than my old laptop and the screen real estate is nice. The netbook on the other hand gets you real portability: tinny and great battery life.

    In short, I've quit laptops.

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  • Profile picture of the author mikeink
    We have 2 laptops and a PC that we use remote on. Did not network them. This give us a second mointor also. I used my laptop for most of my work, the wife uses hers the sameway. As we are in doing different jobs or business ops. I find that I am able to sit at my favorite StarBucks and do my thing and get some ideas from the customers there. mainly there are others there doing the same, like working,meeting clients,etc. We also help each other. My laptop is a Toshiba, wife laptop is an Acer and the PC is a London Drugs Store model, and each have 4g of ram. So they are not slow.

    Well let me see. OH yea need to start work on my ???????? again.
    Been working for slave wages to long.

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  • Profile picture of the author Sheila
    Definitely a laptop! And a small-screen one at that. I've used laptops with 8", 11", 12", 13", and 17" screens, and I've gotta tell you, I thought I'd really like the 17" until I had to lug it around with me! It's a lot harder to take on a plane, or anywhere else. It's bulky, heavy, and to me, just wasn't worth the aggravation.

    Laptops nowdays have all the functionality you need - they're fast, portable, and you don't have to stay seated at a desk. I'd much rather work on my deck, at the park, on the beach . . . even in a library rather than be confined to an office.
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  • Profile picture of the author Eric Lancheres
    Laptop with an extra screen (dual display) is the most productive.
    Desktop with a quad core is for gaming, video encoding & video editing.

    If you're not addicted to gaming, then a desktop can be cheaper and faster.
    However, laptops are more expensive but provide a more work-friendly environment.

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  • Profile picture of the author duality32
    Im more of a laptop fan. Because i can take my work with me. I also have HDMI outputs on it so i can connect to big LCD's or Plasmas for a presentation. It makes life alot easier

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    Ninja Killaz
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  • Profile picture of the author Robert Puddy
    Remeber every post here is no more than personal opinion...

    So here is mine, I went down the laptop route even sold my self on it for some of the reasons given here. But I'm back to a desktop and my 2 laptops are rarelt used unless im going on a trip...and even then i only use it to log into my desktop through goto my PC

    I find i cant work from a laptop any where near as efficiently as I can from a desktop, posture is bad and i get tired and cranky trying to use one.

    So my vote is desktop

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    • Profile picture of the author MikeAmbrosio
      Originally Posted by Robert Puddy View Post

      I find i cant work from a laptop any where near as efficiently as I can from a desktop, posture is bad and i get tired and cranky trying to use one.
      That's only cause you're old, Robert

      I was always a desktop user until I got my office out of the house. Now I rely on my laptops because it is so much easier - and cheaper - than having desktops in both places, trying to make sure both are synchronized, etc.

      I am used to it now, but like Robert said - sometimes it bothers me if I am on it way too long - which is most every day.


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  • Profile picture of the author jjpmarketing
    Depends on what I am doing. If I am writing I tend to prefer my laptop, because I can kick back in my recliner, jamming to pink floyd and type away. Other advantages include being able to take my laptop to B&N/Starbucks and do work while I sip on mocha frappuccinos.

    If I need to multi-task though I tend to prefer my desktop as it has dual 21" displays, more ram, storage and cpu power... that and I can't stand the touchpad on a laptop.

    But you can get some pretty powerful laptops these days with plenty of storage and ram and cpu power. My laptop is a few years old though. If you are on the go all the time, you just can't replace the benefits of owning a laptop.

    To be honest it would be ideal to own both a desktop and a laptop so you get the best of both worlds.

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  • Profile picture of the author Adeel_Chowdhry
    Definately DESKTOP.

    I just bought a laptop though for my office... and didn't really like the compactness of it all so went and bought a desktop yesterday.

    I just find it more relaxing to sit at a desktop and comfortable.

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    • Profile picture of the author jjpmarketing

      I felt the same way when I got my first laptop years ago. Once you get used to it, you will love it. When I first started using it, I hated the scrunched up keyboard. But your hands learn to adapt to the keyboard. Give it a chance and I think you will like it.

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      • Profile picture of the author Susan Hope
        I lurve my laptop.. (17") I got mine about a year ago now and at first I didn't like the keyboard either, as a touch typist I was all over the place but as Dennis says, you do get used to it very quickly. Also, hate the touchpad, I use a mouse with mine.

        I still have my desktop though and use it mainly for storing back-ups on.

        I wouldn't be without my blackberry now either, got that about two months ago.

        Oh and I actually keep my laptop in the same place pretty much 90% of the time, I have my own home office and prefer the peace and quite in there as opposed to out where the kids/grandkids/tv is.

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  • Profile picture of the author timpears
    My wife has a laptop and I hate it. I have never owned one, and seriously doubt I ever will, unless they make one with a 21" screen and ten key number pad. I can't type for damn on my wife's computer. It is like my first computer (Vic20) with a flat keyboard. And the screen is so small to me. I don't have very good eyesight and my monitor is a 21" and I want to swap it for a 24". It is not in the budget right now, so I will make do with the one I have for the time being. But as soon as I hit that lottery ticket....

    Tim Pears

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  • Profile picture of the author Aliaksandr
    I have both but I find that a laptop is better just because I can take it anywhere and work whenever. So whenever I have an idea or anything I just jot it down. Or if i'm working on something and don't want to stop working I can continue to do so no matter where i'm going.
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    • Profile picture of the author Frank Donovan
      I really can't be doing with laptops and their fiddly little keypads, tiny screens and unreliable connections.

      Much more preferable is a good ergonomic chair, a proper keyboard and a comfortably large monitor. My main desktop easily copes with all my memory-hungry programs and tools while my other, older desktop is perfect as a backup machine.

      Importantly, I can switch off email, turn off the phone, close the door and have complete, uninterrupted, quality time. I don't understand how some people can work in busy coffee bars - I'd find it impossible to concentrate.

      And taking a laptop to the beach? I'm pretty sure that concept was only invented to use in sales copy. Or else, that's just sad.

      In fact, travelling any great distance with a laptop is just not worth the hassle. They're still fairly cumbersome to carry, a constant theft worry and a surefire target for airport security checks. It's much less stressful to travel light and use a hotel's office facility if necessary.

      I'm also a bit perturbed by all this talk of non-stop productivity. It makes us sound like dairy cattle.

      Outside of my home office, I like to be contemplative. Or talk to other people. Or just enjoy the surroundings. I find that my best ideas often come when I'm away from any work-related environment.

      So, I vote for the desktop - the Great Liberator.

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  • Profile picture of the author GeorgeO7
    Desktop for productivity. With two 22" monitors there is just no way my laptop can duplicate this workspace.

    I use the laptop away from the office.
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  • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
    Office - quad core desktop with dual 22" monitors and oodles of RAM for FAST compilation of software.

    Kitchen table - Acer Ferrari laptop - a good, fast PC with a big screen but portable enough for the kitchen table. It often gets dragged along on trips away.

    Asus eee Netbook thingy - gathers dust in the corner of the office. I took it on a trip once but it's just a toy IMHO.



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    • Profile picture of the author Ram
      My wife loves her laptop as do some of my employees, but I use a desktop exclusively.

      I have to have a mouse. I cannot use the touchpad or any other thingummy on laptops. Yeah, I know you can use a mouse with laptop. But what do you do if you are in a comfy chair - as I prefer to be - with no hard surface?

      I may eventually get a laptop and mouse. So far I just never have bothered.
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  • Profile picture of the author Chris Marentis
    I have a desktop and love it....but miss the convenience of having all my stuff when I travel on my laptop (my laptop has become my second computer and the files are not as up to date).

    I say get a good laptop and have a monitor for home. This way all your data is stored on the machine you travel with.
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  • Profile picture of the author marketopoly
    Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I still love my desktop. Sitting comfortably in a good chair, with a nice view overlooking gardens and with all my back-up hard drives and other accessories like good quality speakers on hand, I feel I'm in writer's heaven.

    Plus, having the advantage of peace and quiet, together with a sense of familiarity and room on the table for other (hard copy) reference, maximizes productivity for me.

    However, I do also own a laptop which I use when traveling. Not such an old fogy, after all!
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    • Profile picture of the author Devilfish
      Definitely a desktop for productivity; a mouse is far more efficient than a nipple or touchpad.
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    • Profile picture of the author Les Blackwell
      I use my laptop, it never leaves my side. Even if I can't get an internet connection, I can still work and be productive where ever I am.
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  • Profile picture of the author mr.schutz
    Desktop if you are working at home.

    Laptop if you still want to work while you are out.
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  • Profile picture of the author tommygadget
    I have several of each but I find myself working on this beat up old laptop. The paint is worn off the palmrests, the keys are shiny from heavy use, the display hinges are loose, case cracked, etc. but it is the most used computer in the house. Why? well, it is always on my lap and I am always writing these days and I like my giant massage chair (although some settings make it impossible to type ).

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  • Profile picture of the author Powertreb
    I use both honestly.

    For productivity and serious stuff, nothing beats a desktop. You're upright, at the desk, and zoned in.

    But when I'm doing some browsing, light research, or even composing some content with IAW, I use a laptop. Simple browsing and research is not too engaging and can be done on the couch in a laid back manner, with the TV on.
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  • Profile picture of the author CoreyCash
    1 - Laptop
    2 - Blackberry
    3 - Desktop
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    • Profile picture of the author Jeff Henshaw
      Three desktops and no laptop (I'd be ashamed to tell you about the operating system still running on the oldest!).

      Had a laptop when I had a day job, but not much point to owning one now. If I am away from home I borrow one of my brother's portable computers and one of his mobile (cell) contraptions that lets me access the Net!

      Seems to work for me.

      Jeff Henshaw.
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  • Profile picture of the author TKChung
    I prefer laptop. It enables me to work wherever I want.
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  • Profile picture of the author internote007
    I prefer a laptop as you can work from any place. I do some IM work during my lunch time at work. With a desktop, I wouldn't be able to do so.
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    • Profile picture of the author FlightGuy
      I actually use my desktop more than my laptop when it comes to business, but I do use my laptop as well. I recently had a rather hectic move... missing things, etc. and prepping the old house to sell/rent... while everything was still hectic, I used my laptop more than my desktop simply because things were not organized yet.

      My suggestion is if you use a desktop and rarely use a laptop, have everything backed up on your laptop just in case you need to whip it out for a few days.

      I do, however, use my laptop often when visiting with offline business owner clients.


      John Dennis
      "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." - Jim Rohn
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  • Profile picture of the author falcon_warrior
    laptop, you can work from anywhere considering nowadays laptops can handle photoshop
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  • Profile picture of the author BlogBrowser
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    • Profile picture of the author Cousin_Lucky
      I use a desktop computer for three reasons: the cost for a more powerful machine is cheaper, huge flat-screen monitors are a productivity boost if you use 'em smart, the blasted thing stays plugged in to the wall and can't be hauled around to ruin vacations, etc.

      Hope this helps,

      Cousin Lucky
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  • I prefer laptop because it's handy. You can bring it wherever you will go unlike the computer.

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  • Profile picture of the author dsmpublishing
    I am a laptop girl!

    i love them i can work wherever i like, i have just moved house and loved the fact that two laptops and a few folders was all i needed to move my business. If i had packed up a couple of cimputers it would have taken a lot of space and lots of time to set up again.

    It also depends on your disipline i am very well organised and strict with myself. but others struggle to be able to do it.

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  • Profile picture of the author WinsonYeung
    I prefer laptop because everything is stored and it's portable for me. No need to keep data transferring to laptop everynow and day just to make sure that I have the latest copy of my IM stuff.
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  • Profile picture of the author BlogBrowser
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    • Profile picture of the author Frank Donovan
      Originally Posted by BlogBrowser View Post

      there is NOTHING that a desktop can do that a good laptop wont.
      Not true. I can't balance my Yogi Bear money box on a laptop.

      I've tried.

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  • Profile picture of the author DavirWarner
    If you are based at your desk - surely Desktop. If you are on the more - laptop. I use both though.
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  • Profile picture of the author Ronnie Nijmeh
    A 24" iMac with a second 23" screen is my way to go... there's nothing like editing a web page, document, or designing something on a HUGE screen.

    Way easier to see and change things.

    Plus, if you've got kids, a dual screen means you can work while the little ones are watching something on the other screen.

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  • Profile picture of the author John Atkins
    I use both, but I prefer my computer. For some odd reason I seem to do more work when I use the computer lol
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  • Profile picture of the author Skribblez
    Will be going for a desktop.

    Thanks guys
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  • Profile picture of the author Igor Kheifets
    hey Skribblez,

    I totally recommend Laptop.
    Due to the simple reason that
    you can take it anywhere you go and
    work from practically anywhere in the world.

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