Can't remember what its called... paying for referrals to get stuff

by gcornelisse 5 replies
What is the system called where a person trades with or pays other people to become referrals to a company giving away stuff. I almost feel silly asking, but I don't even know what unique keywords to search by on the subject to find out what its called. Thanks
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    What do you mean? Like "Project Payday"?
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    Is it "incentivize" that you are referring about?

    You offer something to someone in exchange for that person signing up for a program, request for a free sample etc?
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      "going green"

      I remember reading about's got to be one of the above, lol
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        That was actually the one I was trying to think of. They are all a bunch of crap. All those sites send you through mazes of sites you have to signup for, and if you don't read the fine print on each offer, you will pretty much miss out on what you originally signed for those offers to get. They are a waste of time in my opinion. On top of that, they will spam the he11 out of your email account.
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          I actually tried this some time ago and still am.

          I got $480 for Free...

          and you know how much came out of my pocket?

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