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I've gotten my RAP Dimesale Addon all uploaded, registered, etc. Can anyone tell me how to create the buy now link? Thanks.
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    I think that is Richards product

    Best Damn Support for Richard Wing's Best Damn Network

    Sorry I dont know the answer, I dont have the addon

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      Yeah, I was kind of in a hurry and was hoping someone here on the forum would know. I'm trying that route to. Thanks though.
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        Everything you need to operate the addon is in the users guide.

        The dimesale addon uses the normal rap order link for your order.

        There are some tags/tokens that you place on your sales page to have the slider and dimesale table appear on the page.

        BTW... I do not see any posts on my forum from you about this. I provide great support feel free to use it. You're not just buying a piece of code you're also getting unique functionality and quality support service.

        Richard Wing

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          Richard Wing says he provides great service, but I beg to differ. I have sent 4 different requests for 1 question and still have not received an answer. My initial question was on Jan. 30th. This is Feb. 12th and I still have not received an answer. He says he will respond within 72 hours at the latest. I got one correspondence from him with the excuse that it was his birthday (I was OK with that) and to leave my number and he would get back to me. I gave him my number and I got no response. I sent 2 more requests for an answer...but still nothing.

          I can't get the dimesale to work with one time offers. I simply asked if he could tell me if it should work with one time offers and if so is there a special setting.

          I want to note that in contrast to Richard Wing, Sid responds to all my RAP questions very promptly. So, even though I would suggest to steer away from Richard's products, I do highly recommend the RAP product itself. It's service and product is excellent.
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