The Power Of The To-Do List - What's On Your To Do List?

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The Power Of The To-Do List - What's On Your To-Do List?
I can't believe I did without this for so many years.
My husband first introduced me to the power of the to-do list.
I had always read somewhere that writing down your goals
on a yearly basis was a good start to reach your goals,
and then re-evaluate them every year.

My husband always seemed to accomplish everything he set out
to do, me on the other hand was content in trying to remember what
needed to be done by sheer memory or jotting things down on
scrap pieces of paper that were never to be seen again.
So I decided it was time for change. I bought a nice small
notebook and every night wrote down what needed to be done the
next day. Wow, something about writing it down actually works!
I used this list for chores, phone calls, appointments, you name it.
Then I began using this concept for my Internet Marketing tasks.
I wrote down what I wanted to accomplish every day. Usually I chose
the same marketing tasks on a daily basis to keep it consistant.

1. 50 Craiglist ads
2. 50 Backpage ads
3. Send 100 emails
4. Write 5 articles
5. Call 10 people
6. Add 20 new contacts in social networks,
7. Learn a new marketing technique
and so on.

This worked! I knew EXACTLY where to begin every single day.
Before lists, I found myself checking emails, doing a couple of
things, then floundering and checking emails again, then checking
stats, basically wasting a lot of time. Now I just go down my list
and check things off. That is my favorite thing to do.
Once everything is all checked off, I make a new list of things
to accomplish the next day.

Put pen to paper and make your to-do list. What would
are the top 5 Internet marketing tasks on your to-do list?

All My Best,
Lori P.
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  • Profile picture of the author Lindsay Brynn
    My goals for my to do list for April and May were to do writing, writing and more writing. I have several blogs set up that need their content written. I'm still debating on outsourcing that one.

    Other than that I have building my online and offline business websites.

    As for my blogs, I usually collect content and then over a period of two days I post the articles to directories and social bookmark the content I've written for my own sites.
    Lin Writes - Quality E-Book & Article Ghostwriting Service.

    $7 WSO: PLR Rights to 100+ Wordpress Themes!
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  • Profile picture of the author marketopoly
    Great idea to prevent stagnation from information/work overload... I write mine out each night, in descending order of importance.

    And I tend to put the reading of emails at, or near, the bottom of the list. For me, this is the greatest non-productive time killer.

    My top five things to do... writing articles or books, researching, idea exploring, internet knowledge building and preparing my marketing strategies.
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  • Profile picture of the author VipulShah
    I definately agree with doing the most important and uncomfortable work done first and out of the way. I realize it can be tough at first but once that work is checked off, I'd get in more things on my list done, basically get in the zone.

    Some of my tasks for this month include getting my review site(s) completed. I will have to complete them one at a time (5 total niche sites) I have my site templates. Now I need content, good pics, and a keyword rich domain name for each.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shakul

    On my to do list is:


    1. Visit WF and other IM forums and grasp some important info
    2. Fire up the software

    After noon

    3. Check how much money I have made in CPA Networks
    4. Talk to my AMs about new offer
    5. Do some research to find new niches...(not daily..But some days a month)
    6. Try to find new cpa offers..More offers = More money

    7. Check how much money I have made today - in CPA Account
    8. Watch TV serial (lol..I am really a big fan of one serial and I watch it daily)
    9. Check emails...other stuff and then go to sleep

    Results have shown that people who write dairy entries daily, or make a to do list, or write some info on paper of which they are worried about... -> By doing so their tension decreases and they feel more happier..

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  • Profile picture of the author revpl2
    Well, I can relate to all of you.

    Me, I've got to figure out how to install MemberFire in a subdirectory for two membership sites I have prepared (customer support is not the fastest). I've tried oh, about close to 30 times and failed each time.

    I have a new blog to fill with content. Just finished adding about 10 different categories to it. I have alot of content ready for deployment on that one.

    I'm going to put up a new site and integrate 2CO with it. They diapproved me last month so I'm trying again.

    Learning, always learning, like you guys.

    Sourcing a VCC supplier, open US bank account, begin my Ebay business (have at least 3 branches of income form this that need installation).

    And much more.

    But I'm pretty much excited about all of it. But I can let it go if I have to. No biggy really. I still know what's important.
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  • Profile picture of the author AlbertF
    My goal in terms of search engine optimizing my site is to pull more backlinks and associate more in forums as well as blogs to get more visitors the basic way.
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  • Profile picture of the author falcon_warrior
    The list is sure a powerful tool. Ive used it for many things, daily chores to schoolwork, it sure helps you in finishing whatever you have.

    "Begin with the end in mind"
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    • Profile picture of the author BizBooks
      If you commit to not checking your email every 90 seconds (or less!) you will see how much more time and more focus you have to concentrate on other tasks.

      Eban Pagan talks about how people are creatures of habit and how do break out of the pattern.

      Robert PhP Plank also talks about getting work done alot on his blog. One of his great tips that really works for me is to write articles directly into the submission box on EZA instead of in a word document... and i dont close the window until its submitted.
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  • Profile picture of the author Justin1
    1. 50 Craiglist ads
    2. 50 Backpage ads
    3. Send 100 emails
    4. Write 5 articles
    5. Call 10 people
    6. Add 20 new contacts in social networks,
    7. Learn a new marketing technique
    and so on.

    Wow is that your actual do to list? What stuff do u sell on CL? IM stuff? Do you cold call 10 people???
    I tend to stay away from to do lists as I am an underachiever and I never get through the list, so its depressing!

    Looking for sites for sale, especially survival/prepper sites if anyone has any available, please pm me, thanks.

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  • Profile picture of the author allthesp
    The problem with my lists is I generally make to many and lose them. I am trying to reduce this problem using a handy program called Action Machine.
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  • Profile picture of the author rootpixel
    I use ToDoList from AbstractSpoon software.

    My top todo list:
    1. Build lots of blogs - gadget, java, technology, etc.
    2. Become MVP (Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional)
    3. Start a free computer learning program on the Internet.
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