What is your Credit-Card Merchant account of choice?

by garyv
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I know this has been asked dozens of times, but I'd like a fresh answer for this one.

What/Who are you using to process your credit cards? And are you happy with it?

Thanks in advance for your answers....
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    I suggest paypal and autorize.net
    I'm paypal user from 2001. No bad and not perfect.
    Autorize.net have a lot of plugin to help to integrate at your site.


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      I use paypal Payflow Pro

      It is their merchant account, People who choose to pay with a CC do not even know they are going through paypal.

      I have never had a problem with them at all


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    PowerPay with Authorize.net

    And I'm very happy with it.
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    I like these answers so far thanks! -- How hard was the application process for Authorize.net?

    Also is anyone using Braintree? I've been approved to use them, but I haven't really heard much about them.
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    Authorize.net & PremiumWebCart has been working for me.

    How hard was the application process for Authorize.net?
    Nothing too tricky or unusual, they have good phone support so it made things easy.
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    paypal and authorize.net are not merchant accounts OR, in CC terms, processors. BOTH are GATEWAYS, though PAYPAL allows you to use THEIR merchant account AND, with paypal pro, give you your own, which last I knew was wellsfargo !

    ALEX, You can say they are a major player, but an industry standard? And HECK, paypal has at least FOUR fully incompatible APIs! paypal, paypalpro, paypalpro express, and payflow(as I recall it is named that)!

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      I'm not sure what your location is, but if you are in the UK we've had no problems at all with using Streamline (Run by NatWest) as our merchant account and SagePay as the Gateway.

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