Domain Name Suggestion for Tutoring Business

by abd0l
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Hi everyone,
I want to start offering tutoring services, but need help with a catchy name! I've been thinking for weeks now, but all the names/domains has been already taken! Any suggestion? Thanks in advance...
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    A little tip - if anyone mentioned anything on here that was good, and was nice enough to throw you a bone, you can bet it would be gone immediately, either by others registering, or due to the fact that the domain name registrars would register your name before you get a chance to, and then try to sell it back to you.

    I'd recommend you create a name that isn't a name, something made up, then make it into your brand. You know, like Google, Yahoo that sort of thing? There are free applications that will generate ideas for you, and use can use the google bulk registration page to check many at once, but if you do find something, get it straight away.

    Martin Platt

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    Thanks MartinPlatt
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      Tutoring for what? MMO? Soccer - as per your avatar? Teaching seals to balance balls? Be more specific.

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    Are you doing tutoring locally in person or nationwide via virtual tutoring?

    And are you specializing in a specific subject?

    I think your domain should reflect these for branding and seo purposes.
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    Head over to this forum. You will get good input there NamePros - The Worlds #1 Most Active Domain Community!
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    [QUOTE=abd0l;8209862]I've been thinking for weeks now, but all the names/domains has been already taken! QUOTE]

    what you could is the names that you were interested in that are already taken just think of a suffix or prefix to include that makes it unique and available for you. Be mindful of trademarked names though. But it the domain was you could come up with something like you get the idea.
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