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I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out. Been to several sites, joined one or two but has anyone had the problem of overload? I've started with some article marketing, but it seems that as I learn more about research I might have done it wrong.
How is everyone else going about learning the business? What would suggest to a beginner interested in various facets of this business to sink his feet in to really get into things?
Perhaps I'm trying to many things at once?
If anyone can shed a little light that can help I'd be much obliged.

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    Welcome to the WF.

    Here's something you can do to learn some more and to gain some real practical knowledge and experience - put up a mini site on your own domain that pre-sells the program you're promoting in your signature. You can then promote it here and in many other places.

    Unfortunately your signature breaks the rule on no affiliate links...


    ...but herein lies a solution to both problems.



    Easy email marketing automation without moving your lists.

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    Start by:

    * Setting goals

    * Developing a marketing plan to meet those goals

    * Work your plan every day

    * Look up what you need to know here, and on Google

    Anytime you're feeling overwhelmed, it means that you're not applying what you've learned so far. Information becomes knowledge when you apply it; so set your goals first, and start working toward achieving them, even if you feel "I might have done it wrong."

    Everything you learn, and apply, helps you to progress.

    Set one tiny goal: for example "I want to sell Affiliate Product X and make my first sale by ________ (whatever date you feel comfortable with)".

    If you don't know how to create a little marketing plan, ask here. Tell us what you want to achieve. :-)
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    As mentioned above you cant post affiliate links in your signature file.

    It makes it look like your post is just a ploy to get people to see your affiliate link.
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    Hi Gothnoir,

    I suggest you to read those sticky threads first. Since those information is organized by other warriors, it will be easier for you to focus on one method to make money online.

    good luck!
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      I feel your pain as I am somewhat in the same situation. What method to use first? I think you simply have to choose one and see how it performs for you. Read, read and read again, as much as you can relating to that method. Warriorforum is a great place to start. As you read you will come across other methods and you can broaden your search from that.

      Good Luck!
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    You have GOT to pick one method and stick with it for AT LEAST one month

    Do NOT jump from method to method
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      Thanks everyone for your advice. I am going to slow down a bit. Just had the panic reaction. And I apologize for the link in my sig. I am here for genuine reasons and hope to one day become a more valuable member of the forum.
      Again you have my thanks for taking the time to give me a some words of encouragement.
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    If you start out by following a simple plan you should be fine.

    Research a market for problems you can solve
    Make a web page and offer something of value in return for an email address
    send out relevant information
    create a product to sell
    sell other people products


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    I get the same overwhelming feeling. I'm starting out in bum marketing as my induction into this massive new world. Trying to keep it simple, but there is so much to learn and you do find yourself tempted to jump from method to method, but the most important thing is focus.

    That's where I'm at at present.

    But everyday I go into my office to start work, I hop on here for 30 mins and I find it gets me into the right mindset and gives me motivation and excitement and then I'm off to write.

    Haven't made any money yet, but.

    Early days.
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    Thats because you are doing bum marketing..... AKA the workhorse method.

    It is not a high leverage activity.
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