What numbers do you need inorder to have good analytics

by sdlive
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Which is better for visitor analytics
Visitor Visit Duration = 4 minutes average
Page / Visit = 3.5


Visitor Visit Duration = 3.5 minutes average
Page / Visit = 4

??????????????? tnx
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    It depends on your goals.

    If you want them to watch a 4 minute video, but they're on your site for 3.5 minutes...that's probably not good.

    If you want them to go through 4 pages...the final one being the receipt page because they just checked out...even if it takes 30 seconds...your goal of a sale was still made.

    So...it's going to depend on your goals. What's on your site, etc.
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    I would focus on setting up goals that you want the users to achieve on the site and then test different changes to see how it is affected.

    A quick way to make positive changes would be to look at the exit pages and see if there is anything you can change to give more information or add video.
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