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So I started my blogging journey by creating my first blog, viralwriter.com. Of course, it's for the purpose of making money online but sometimes it feels like you aren't actually doing the right thing especially if you don't earn much in your first couple of months.
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    Have you looked at building a list? Marketers always say that the money is in the list. Here are a couple of links for you to look at:


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    thanks warriors i'll go through them, i pray it works
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      Develop a basic plan...

      #1 Unsubscribe from all of the lists your on ....the more lists your on, the more distracted you'll become and you'll find that nearly 90% of them are pushing product after product.

      Find a topic that interests you, study it and implement it...stay FCUSED

      There are a TON of ways to generate cash online but it's difficult to weed through where to start with all of the noise.

      I wouldn't recommend spending money on PPC / Paid traffic until you have money you're willing to part with...because no matter what you're going to end up spending some money ( I mean losing it) to refine your campaigns. PPC is awesome...but only after dipping your toes in, learning the ropes and scaling.

      The best thing I would recommend is to use this forum.

      Either sell a service or put together a great little report that you can sell. Utilize your signature file, participate in the forum, build a following and the money will start to flow.

      It's been said time and time again, and it's been proven time and time again, the WarriorForum has helped thousands of people go from $0 --- ????

      Contribute, Share, engage and stay focused.

      If you are going to sell something then you will need a website so start there

      1) Learn how to set one up (you don't have to pay for this)
      2) Learn how to insert a payment link (paypal button or WarriorPlus / JVZoo etc)
      3) Learn how to deliver your product (easy via one of the above)

      That's all you need to focus on.

      Again, there are a ton of things but define your goal... Product Creation? Affiliate Marketing? Review Sites? and focus on step one..getting started.

      To your success
      New Product Launches, Affiliate Marketplace

      Need More Sales? More Affiliates? LaunchBoards.com
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        Got that on my todo list, thanks Sean
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          Originally Posted by viralwriter View Post

          heard about affliate marketing and clickbanks but hoe do i start them, i dont have much twitter followers or facebook likes or friends, can you elaborate more on affiliate marketing and ln=inks if possible

          First, great that you are keen and asking all of these questions! I am relatively new here, just trying to get more involved and put my foot to the floor a bit. What I would advise is to look around these forums, the various sections and topics...there are some great stickies in the forums, have a read around and take it from there.

          Good luck my friend
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        Originally Posted by Sean A McAlister View Post

        Develop a basic plan...

        #1 Unsubscribe from all of the lists your on ....the more lists your on, the more distracted you'll become and you'll find that nearly 90% of them are pushing product after product.
        Rather than unsubscribing I would suggest that you filter your messages so that you give each marketer a label and their messages don't come to your main inbox but into the labels that you give them because you never know when you need these marketers in the future like look at their emails and the way they structure their emails for when you start building a list or even JVing with them if you ever launch your own product. This way you are not distracted but yet have their contact info at the same time for when you need it
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    Originally Posted by viralwriter View Post

    have you ever find ways to make money and you implemented them, yet making money online seems like forever, then you are in my shoes right now..........im soooooo fed up and don't know where to start. dont even know if i'm doing the right thing now by setting up a blog or I'm wasting more money....whats the difference between killing yourself slowly and committing suicide (nit literal). created a freelance writing blog and i hope this helps

    Can, I please give you a little advice? Don't come online thinking that you are going to make a push-button income. It doesn't happen that way.

    Listen, what are you good at? What are you interests?

    Since you're online, I assume you know something about computers and the Internet. That means you already have knowledge that you can teach to others.

    My first real money on the Internet was through offering services but that too took a lot of grunt work.

    You can make money online. But you have to have a plan. And you have to be prepared to work.

    You sound defeated already and you're just getting started. That is not the sign of a true entrepreneur.

    Working for yourself takes an enormous amount of discipline - more so than holding down a regular job - it requires a skill that will either make you or break you and that is effective time-management.

    I know you are frustrated, I know you are lost.

    But start now, with a plan and by asking yourself questions.

    Whatever you do: DO NOT FOLLOW THE CROWD - dare to be different and do not do things under anyone else's terms but your own.

    Good luck on your journey.
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    Warrior Forum is the Absolute BEST place to start.

    So many helpful people who are willing to give free advice when you ask questions.

    Loads of valuable info - info others charge to give, all on the forum, FREE.

    Stick around on the forum and poke a bit. Sooner or later you'll break it to the bank.
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    You're on the right path but you ultimately need to focus on building a list of subscriber. That's internet marketing 101. If you are just starting out, focus on your list and I promise you will be successful. The last thing you want to do is give up. Hope this helps...
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