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Hi all,

I'm not sure if you have noticed but YouTube has changed what we can view in video statistics. I used to go to a competitor video and analyze the keyword he/she was using, see the video traffic source, etc... Today when I was doing a research on my competitor's video the only thing I could see was the Views,Subscriptions driven and Shares. :-) Very disappointing indeed.

YouTube has changed :-( again!

Does anyone knows a tool, software, website, etc... where I can see statistics about competitors' video? What I'm looking for is something that has similar information I could see before in YouTube video statistics like the keyword that user typed in YouTube search, source of traffic, etc...

Many thanks!
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    Youtube is always changing their design not a surprise since google owns them. I have a software that shows what keywords the competitor is targeting and how many people on average search that keyword on youtube but I haven't come across any tools that show statistics like source of traffic etc.
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      I am very disappointed with YouTube. I need those stats...

      Thank anyway Alex :-)

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    This is really bad...
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