What membership software should i use for my website and why?

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I am currently working on a new online project. A content site for bloggers. It's going to cover everything from Learning how to blog, Marketing & Promotion, SEO, and Making Money Blogging. I also want to have forums and a mini product shop that sells blogging merchandise. So what i want is a membership software, where you have to create a FREE account to access the website and its content. Like the main page which would be public, would be like the twitter sign up or sign in page. I want to turn this website into a community. And I'm wondering what the best membership software would be for this situation.

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    Is your site on wordpress? if so, there's wishlist members (google it)
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    I just bought WarriorPress, it looks very promising.
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      Also s2 member has a free version of there membership software... its what I use now.

      Hope this helps.

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    Digital Access Pass is the software I have used for similar sites.

    It's very robust and very feature rich. It could handle all of what you want to do.

    Free and paid members. Any number of different products (free and/or paid).

    Forum integration, etc.
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      Ah! I tried wishlist, optimizepress, s2 member and wp emember. But I find that wp emember is more easier to use so I am stuck with this now.

      It may take you some few days if you are starting with memberships sites to know the proper functions. Grrr..
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      • Hi Adwisey,

        It's vital that you use a platform that allows you to get on with the job of looking after your members and creating fresh content, rather than getting bogged down with the technical side.

        I've tried several, but wound up with the Grand Daddy of them all - MemberGate. Click the second line on my signature to see the result.

        Bill Myers took a whole year off to create this and it's now been around long enough to be completely battle-hardened - unlike many of the others I tried, which keep coming up with tweaks and tekky stuff they expect you to perform.

        You can create any number of member and public pages, forums, it handles any amount of video and is remarkably easy to use.

        And the good news is you can get if for $197 a month. If you want to but it outright, later, then they will credit half of your monthly payments to to reduce the $3,000 on off buying fee.

        After that, all you need do is pay for the hosting.

        Warmest regards,

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    Membergate is a good all-in-one solution, I've used it myself on past projects. For a long time it was the only decent membership script available. Then Wordpress came along, then wishlist member, and a whole slew of membership software competitors. Now the membership market is pretty saturated with a whole bunch of "me too" type of plugins that all basically do the same thing. If you can afford it, Membergate is worth the price if you don't want to mess with code or custom build your own site from scratch. I prefer doing my own stuff and a custom solution. If your budget is small, you could always start with a cheap wordpress site on hostgator with a membership plugin like WP Emember for under $75 and test your idea to see how it goes.
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    For Wordpress type membership plugins I have used 2 that work well for me. Instamember and membersonic. If I had to choose 1 it would definitely be Instamember.

    Both are easy to use and have great drip fed content features.
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  • I've tried multiple membership plugins, and I've found Premise to be the best for not only selling your products, but locking down the membership portions of your site.

    You can find out more about me at Beat The Nine To Five, where I have put together the most Comprehensive List of Affiliate Marketing Programs online.

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    1st Recommendation
    wishlist member - member.wishlistproducts.com

    2nd Recommendation:
    Monitor Scout - Website & Server Monitoring
    50 different checks, SNMP monitoring and much more.
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    To add my 2 cents to the kitty - having used many different membership site platforms over the years I am now exclusively using EasyMemberPro. It is powerful enough to do everything I need and, as the name suggests, easy to set up and use.

    Development is constantly ongoing and support has always been very helpful when I needed it.

    Best of all, unlike several other membership scripts, I haven't had to get my hands dirty messing with the code at all.

    It is also very reasonable to buy, which can't be a bad thing!

    I use it for regular membership sites (some weekly, some monthly payments) and also for one-time payment single product sales delivery sites. The built in affiliate program is very useful for that.

    Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at http://kickstartnewsletter.com
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