Questions About Creating My First Info-Product

by JoeyB9
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Hey guys. Right now I am creating my own info-product and have some questions. My product is going to be an ebook with training videos as well. What are all the main parts that I need to set everything up? Right now I got my domain+hosting all setup and I got my custom logo. I am in the middle of finishing up all the content but how should I deliever it all? I was looking at s2 member and it seems pretty good but I was planning on having an html sales page. So I don't really know how I can integrate an HTML page and wordpress member's area. If you guys could tell me the main parts I need like good sales copy, designed webpage etc, that would be great!

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    My first step would be to work on the "Free" content. You will need to give some free information in the form of posts on your blog (to generate interest and a following) as well as some free reports to use as giveaways for your listbuilding


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    You can integrate HTML into wordpress, but I would highly recommend a stand alone HTML sales page for your product and use your wordpress blog to advertise the product.

    You can go to the Warriors For Hire/Classified Ads forums to find some good outsourcers.
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    Make a sales page, make a about product page, make a sample page (use advise of agmccall here), create a testimorial page.
    You want good sales create a free bonus too.
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    Hi Joey,

    Not sure why you want to use s2 member or any other WordPress based platform for delivering this.

    Simple html pages are way better. You can create them in a snap and you do not have to learn all the complicated stuff that comes with those 1,000 pound gorilla WP member platforms.

    You can either deliver it all as a zip file that people download.

    And if you worry about people stealing your content: welcome to planet earth. Even the best membership platform can not prevent that.

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      how can you actually use an html page to deliver an ebook and a bunch of videos? I just feel like a membership site would be more professional.
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