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I've seen a fair amount of people make videos for affiliate marketing, promoting a service or as a service in and of itself. Some are good and some not so much. I thought I would share some tips that I have picked up over the years for making a decent video that's worth watching.

Choosing the Right Track
While others may not agree, I think music is one of the most important parts of making a good video. I have seen really bad videos with good music that are still ok to watch because the music is good. It usually doesn't fly the other way around. If you plan to have music in your video it has to be good music and you should sync it up with what is happening in the video. For instance if there are fast parts of the song, reflect that in the video. Choose music that goes with the feel that you want to convey with your video. For example don't choose slow music when you want a faster upbeat appeal.

Use Good Spelling and Grammar
This one may seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at the amount of videos out there that have poor spelling and grammar mistakes for text that is in the middle, beginning or end of a video. Take the time to proof read your text. If you don't speak or write English very well, find someone who does. Nothing makes a video or any piece of content look more unprofessional than misspellings and bad grammar.

Edit Your Audio
Audio in general is an important part of video. When there are bad clips, people will usually muttle through a video but when there is bad audio, they will stop watching right away. If your editing software allows for it, increase the volume of ambient or other noise that you want your audience to hear. Some programs do this a lot better than others and even some of the free ones allow you to manipulate audio pretty well. Try and filter out any hums or hissing in the background. This is especially important for interview type clips where someone is talking. Remember to decrease music or other background sound when you want ambient sound captured by your camera or mic to be heard instead.

Choose the Right Editing Dimensions
This is a common mistake that not only causes software programs to have issues during editing but makes a lower quality video output than could otherwise be achieved. You can see the frame height and width of a clip before importing it into your software program by clicking on the raw video file, selecting properties and look for the dimensions. Choose that same dimensions in your editing program and then import the clip for editing.

Take advantage of Features of Video Hosting Websites
For instance YouTube allows you to use embedded links to a website on some accounts. If you have a video that is promoting a specific product or service, you can use it to attract attention and then send people to your landing pages with the video.

What tips do you have for making videos?
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