I need someone to test a spreadsheet for adwords

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I just finished a Adword Spreadsheet Organizer that organizes multiple Adwords campaigns and can tell you which ad groups and keywords are the most profitable for you by comparing your groups and keywords against each other.

And...Now it is time to put it to the test. I need at least one person that has excel and at least one person that has open office.

I also need to test the Adword Spreadsheet Organizer on being able to import and open the data that can be exported from your own Adwords account.

Anyone that chooses to agree to test the spreadsheet will get to keep the Adwords Spreadsheet Organizer and all features recommended that will be added.

I plan on offering the final version as a WSO (testers free) and then to the general public shortly after. Maybe even work in an affiliate program to enhance pre-existing adwords products.

PM me your interest and I will get the Adwords Spreadsheet Organizer right out to you.
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