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I just picked up a wordpress plugin called snap. It seems pretty sweet. It will auto post any page/post to as many websites as I want it to with a link back to the original post. It is working great for my network sites but I am contemplating using it on my money site. What do you guys think?
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    I think you have a mistaken idea of what curating content is all about.
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    Originally Posted by SMRDave View Post

    I am contemplating using it on my money site.
    Sure you can do that... your "money site" will turn into "site" jut without the money.

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    It doesn't post the whole page. just an excerpt with a link to the original. There is also other curated content on the site.
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    I generally write a review or simply describe content posted somewhere else on my own website.

    Content curation as it is supposed to be used can be very useful for bringing extra value to your readers and adding real value to your website.

    What you are describing might give value to your readers, but I don't consider it to be true content curation.
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    Definitely a no. This is one of those things you just don't do and especially not to your money site.
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    This is a very bad idea. This will lower the rank of your money site. People will be leaving your site instantly which is not good.
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