Best Domain Structure? Advice Needed

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Hey guys,

I have a specific situation that I need advice on how to handle it best. I'm going to create a theoretical situation that closely depicts the situation I'm in.

So pretend there is this group of games called the Spacetastic Bundle. Within this bundle there are several games: Comet Blaster, Meteor Smasher, Star Chaser, and Asteroid Slayer. Each of these games have a substantial amount of players and they are all unique.

What I want to do is create a quality forum for each of these games because I've noticed that there is no forum and hardly any tutorials or advice for the players to go off of. It would be great for each of these games to have a forum where players can share knowledge.

My question is how should I do this best in terms of domains. My current thinking is to register a domain like and then have a subdomain for each of the games. So I would have, etc. I could also put each forum for each game in a subdirectory, I could make one large forum and put all the games into it, or I could register a unique domain for each game.

What I want to happen is for my specific forum to show up on Google whenever someone searches for that game. So if someone searches for Comet Blaster, I want my Comet Blaster forum to appear in the results. This is why I was thinking a root domain centered around the Bundle with subdomains for each game would be the best.

I know this is long but I really need some advice. Let me know if you need help understanding.

Thanks for reading,

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