How to Deal with Online Reputation Management Issues?

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:confused:Hi All,

How to Deal with Online Reputation Management Issues? especially when bad promotion start through Blogger whose PR is 4. I am looking for expert advice please help me.
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    Since this is your first post and you just joined, first allow me to be first to offer a kind welcome. As we all try to build a business to serve our community and provide for family there are idiots out there that would try o break us down instead of build something worthwhile themselves. now some of us web guys are helping with reputation management. I kind of answered this same kind of plea just now on this post about Rogue Reviews Check it out then come back if you have more questions. If you ask for professional help from any of us that do help with this part of customer service, please do not be offended when we ask you hard questions about how the bad promotion got started. I for one, know exactly how to renew a good reputation. I do not work with companies that offer anything less than the best to their customers.
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    I hate the word Reputation Management.
    I like just plain ole customer service.
    First my background.
    Restaurant Manager exp about 10 years, bars and food.
    Sales management about 5 years and Nursing Management about 10 years.

    Customer service is king to me. Give 100 percent customer service and everything else will fall into place. I don't dicker about refunds, even the the refund kings here, I just refund, I may block them from buying later but I refund.

    So we have that out of the way. Now if you have bad reps on the internet already then all you can hope to do is post to it. If you can, then post something like, I am sorry you are having problems if you would just email at the support address and give your paypal transaction id I would be happy to refund your money and still help you with the product.

    If you can't post to it then move on, its under the bridge.

    Just remember if you give 110 percent now your rep wont be at stake later.

    Here is something I would bring to meetings when I managed restaurants.

    If you have a buisness that served food that is out of t his world but there customer service sucked,
    and you had a place next door with the same type of food but it wasn't anything to write home about, it is good but nothing great. The customer service though is beyond talk and when you leave you fill as though you made 20 new friends.

    which one you going to visit the next time?
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    +100 to everything hustlinsmoke said.

    "Reputation management" is a buzzphrase for delivering on your promises, and if you've failed to do so, make amends. You can't just hire somebody who'll type away at a keyboard and fix your reputation.

    Reputations are built, destroyed and repaired through real actions.

    Measure, manage and incentivize customer referrals with ReferralCandy.

    PS: Looking to get more repeat customers for a physical store? Check out CandyBar's digital loyalty cards!

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    If it is that bad, change your name, profile and start again...

    You Just slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don't need to be coy, Roy
    Just listen to me
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don't need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free
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      The way to deal with online reputation management issues is to keep track on continuous posting about your company, services in various Forums, Question Answer and social media sites.
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    Hello everyone
    New to posting - mostly into learning through purchasing products and then acting on them. That said - I need some help I am interested in finding a product to promote that actually teaches the process of correcting and or building reputations on line - the how to. Not so much software to find them or clients but rather service fulfillment for clients who are trying to overcome bad reviews. Any suggestions would be helpful.
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    I always wonder how people in this business find their customers and recruit them in order to make the sale. Sounds like an interesting business to be in if you can help people recover their reputation. I am just fuzzy on how it is done, in regards to getting the sale.

    Tim Pears

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    Register about 20 solid domains, replicate the bad reputation sites onto those domains, and rewrite the story.. hit them with backlinks.. use the same titles as the bad listings that way they show up as multiples.. less people will click on the real one, and eventually, the real one will fade away..

    If you like my posts please leave a thanks and message me if you wish for me to follow up with your thread. I enjoy engaging with entrepreneurs and ALWAYS willing to take the time to offer solid answers that you can take to the bank. Internet marketing has made me rich over the last +20 years and this is how I give back to the community for all of those evil popunders I used to sling in the 90s.

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