Who is the BEST Coach or Mentor for Internet Marketing?

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Who is the BEST Coach or Mentor, in your opinion, that helps people build a sustainable & scalable long term passive income online?

Could be from any area of internet marketing, for example:
  • Adsense
  • CPA offers
  • Lead Generation
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
If you have an opinion of WHO you think is the best, share some links too. I'd like to check them out.

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    Don't have a 'Who' for you, but we can attest to 'What' is the best coach.

    Life experience.
    Free How-To Videos On Everything From Sales Funnels, Facebook PPC & More!
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    If I could work with anyone...I'd pick John Reese (unfortunately, he's retired from IM)...but I'm sure for the right price, it can be done.
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    I just read a very inspirational post from another Warrior here who never had a coach but followed and did as they did and has been very successful.

    This may be of some use to you

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    It totally depends on what you're looking to do. I've regularly bought from and hired 7-figure mentors.

    My top picks are:

    1. Sheri Keys
    2. Jeff Walker
    3. Ali Brown
    4. Fabienne Fredrickson
    5. Lisa Sasevich

    Jeff Walker is a good choice for all things IM-related.

    Hope that helps!

    "You can't market here. This is a marketing discussion forum!"
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      The best coach is research and live case studies. Check out

      I'd rather invest my money in outsourcers and JVs to do all the tasks that have held me back cause I'm either not good at them or hate them. As opposed to giving it to someone who will just tell me what I already know, that I need to do all these tasks I hate to be successful. No I don't, if I hire others to do them instead of paying someone to tell me to do them. :p
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    You, and your failures & success, are your best coach. Everything you really need to know is freely available here and elsewhere. It's a matter of developing a plan and sticking to it.
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      Originally Posted by JSProjects View Post

      It's a matter of developing a plan and sticking to it.
      That's the problem, many do not have a sold plan/system and tend to lose money and not generate profits. A mentor, has perfected their system and can share something that works and makes money.
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        Originally Posted by TeamBringIt View Post

        That's the problem, many do not have a sold plan/system and tend to lose money and not generate profits. A mentor, has perfected their system and can share something that works and makes money.
        Fair enough. I think I'm stuck in the mindset of a "mentor" charging thousands of dollars for pretty basic information.
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    I'm currently involved with a group of Warriors who are being coached by another Warrior. It's not 1 on 1 coaching (although I think that is available) but more affordable coaching done in a group setting. Very helpful for me...

    Here is the site (no affiliate link): http://myinternetmarketingcoaches.com
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    The best mentor is the person who has already achieved the end result you are looking to achieve. Go and find those people doing what it is you want to do and hassle them until they agree to mentor you.
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    best coach....is simple there are TWO OF THEM.

    1) Warrior forum.


    2) yourself.

    You will have to work hand in hand, and be vigilant though.
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    Hi my friend,

    Vick Strizheus ,Kim Roach, and Jeremy Shoemarker are good people to follow

    Vick Strizheus-dominates traffic methods and is really sincere in helping peoples

    Jeremy Shoemarker-cover alot information on content and advertising.

    Kim Roache- Cover information on Blogging, Joint venture, and free ways to get traffic.

    I hope this help!

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      Again, I am not going to mention any specific names as there are a lot of good mentors out there. Unfortunately there are also a lot of bad ones and outright scammers. Decide which area you want to work in then make a list of possible mentors and check them out. Have they really succeeded at what they say they do? Genuine people can be checked out, scammers hide behind vagueness and misdirection.
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    You're begging to be scammed with this type of thread. Most of the names listed are jokers anyway LOL. Buyer beware...you're in for a scare.
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    I can agree with what was said above however, you would still need some form of foundation to build a IM career. You can get someone to get you started thne discover the best way for you to profit.
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    I would reconsider the idea that building a "sustainable & scalable long term" business involves AdSense and CPA offers.
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    If you want me to recommend someone, I would pick Alex Jeffreys. He has been helping a lot of Warriors here and giving them the results that they always wanted for long term sustainable income. But also, there are other coaches there that you might be looking for, and they are just on the WSO section about their coaching offers.
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    My vote also goes to Alex Jeffreys.He is known for teaching his students the ins and outs of building a highly responsive email list in their targeted niche. In addition to a list, you also have to have a product to sell; all of Alex's students will also receive, at no extra cost, a product they can use right away in their marketing.
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      Hands Down the best coach is Magic Mike.
      He is running a WSO currently.

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        I would have to say Alex Jeffreys. He is the coolest IM'er around However Rich Schefren is really good as well. Even Alex got coached under him, and refers to Rich as "The Guru's Guru". But if you ask me, Rich is no ordinary IM coach. He doesn't just tell you about IM stuff. He works on your personal development in some areas to MAKE SURE you succeed in IM. I consider him to be one of the most talented and intellectual coaches around.

        Good Luck

        Caleb Prince

        Please do not use affiliate links in signatures

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      Are these guides white papers where they up sell to various companies for products and services or are they complete stand alone training?

      Originally Posted by amcg View Post

      Rather than a person, as others have said, use the resources at your disposal. Marketers should be interested in (and better yet members of) sites like Econsultancy and Moz.
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    I agree that the Warrior Forum is the best school you can find, and the best teachers are here.

    When I was a newbie I spent a lot of money with coaching, but I saw that each one teaches you only something. You need many teachers until you will learn everything.

    First of all you have to be patient and read many posts in this forum everyday. You have to seriously study everything you can, and try to put the lessons you find here into practice. Use free platforms and try to make money by offering your services, without spending money.

    Before spending money to build your own business you have to learn how the internet works. You have to see by yourself how hard it is to beat the competition and learn how to survive with the conditions you will find.

    You should always study internet marketing, without believing you already know enough.

    Most people manage to really make money online in a regular basis only after years of hard work. Many internet marketers tell you that they will help you arrive earlier to the top because you will avoid making their mistakes.

    However, there are many unexpected problems in everyone’s path. You have to know so many things if you want to be able to solve all these problems, that in the end you will have to spend a lot of time doing a lot more than what you had the intention to do.

    You have to be patient, very careful, and persistent if you want to make enough money everyday.

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    I just got an email from Travis Campbell (MarketingProfessor.com...no affiliation) that Andy Jenkins in coming out with the newest edition of his video training. You want to learn from the best, IMHO, it's Andy
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    I don't believe on coaches etc
    the best thing is to learn from failure and success experience of yourself and of others.....
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    Find someone who's done what you want to achieve and reach out.
    An example is John Thornhill. Look at his blog and you'll realise why he's successful.

    Also, avoid exotic answers... Internet Marketing is simpler that what most "gurus" make it out to be... it's all about to discovering a need, a hungry crowd of people and the offer them what they want and build a list at the same time.
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    The Chris Farrell membership site has worked out really well for me. There's so much information and he explains it really well, no waffling on and on! Pretty sure there's a free/cheap trial too.
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