Why are IM/MMO email lists on safe-swaps?

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Why are IM/MMO email lists on safe-swaps? But my product is health niche! What should I do? Thank you!
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    Go to Warriors For Hire section.
    Do a search for 'Solo Ads for Health niche'.
    I'm pretty sure I've seen a few threads there..
    offering this service.
    Hope this helps.

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    Try to forums in Safe-Swaps as people in other niches tend to gravitate there. You can also write your own request there.

    Health is a GIANT niche but if it is related to the fitness side of health then you can try this website here: Truly huge solo ads
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      I just checked out the Truly Huge site you posted. Have you used them? The website looks like crap. I can't imagine someone really subscribing to that. I wonder if his claim of 95,000+ members is accurate and of quality. How could we verify that? I am also looking to buy a solo ad for weight loss /fitness.

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        I really would NOT use safe-swaps for anything but IM/MMO niche lists. You will have to do some manual outreach for all other niches like personal development (I see this a lot for the lists I am currently on).

        One trick you could do is to google various terms related to your field and search for the authority sites, or those sites that come up first that obviously want the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter (sites that have opt-in boxes above the fold).

        You can bet those sites will have lists of reasonable size that you can send your offer to IF your offer fits their list and you have the $$ to pay for a reasonably sized blast.

        Do this a number of times and you should get a few bites from list owners. Just keep in mind that you will likely have to put some effort into your email swipe.

        I've seen very few reputable newsletters that sent their audience to a crap offer so you really need to make sure your offer, squeeze, funnel etc are all very solid before you even attempt some outreach for solos.
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    If you want to buy solo ads outside of IM your options are limited. Not that are no possibilities to advertise but things are less transparent.

    You basically have to do a lot if testing and be prepared to spend at least $500 for a test. The reason for this: outside IM people usually have huge lists and it does not make sense to sell tiny ads.

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