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I'd like to hear from other warriors how the warrior forum has impacted themselves and their businesses. We'll start with my experience.

I came in here as a complete newbie, Since then i have lkearned soo very much on this forum.Some of the sharpest minds in IM is on this forum and they are posting very helpfull content.

Recently I have started to take advantage of alot of the great WSO's and my business is on the right track for success and i can honestly say it's largely due to the great community here at the warrior forum.

So to everybody that makes this forum so great I say thanks.
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    Definitely a great community. It's giving me a great advantage I believe when I launch my first product (whenever that may be).

    However, as far as insight on writing copy...

    I'll never be a competent copywriter, haha. I'm just not that creative. I'll probably end up outsourcing to someone on here when I get to that point.
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      The WF, beyond all other forums, has been the single greatest asset to my business... EVER.

      I've found some amazing JV partners here... made some great new friends... made a BUTT-LOAD of money...

      Seriously, I can't say a bad thing about it.

      When I first got into selling Internet Marketing (Pimping The Dream) this was the first place I came. Fantastic resource.
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        Like you guys... it's great to connect with people who share a similar passion such as internet marketing.

        It feels like you're chatting with actual people, not strangers.

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            I can't thank you guys enough. My main business sales are up over 500%, I now have blogs pulling in adsense money and giving me traffic and back links where before I way paying adwords.
            So since learning from this forum my business is a huge success.
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              The Warrior Forum...?

              It's OK, I suppose. Slightly above average. Just over the median...

              Or, from my perspective, pretty stinkin' cool.



              Not promoting right now

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    There's tons of great stuff here - lots of respected names, sharing thoughtful advice on how to build real businesses.

    The only problem I have sometimes is remembering to stop reading and start doing! Reading posts does not make my business go
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