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Hi everyone
I have just created a new youtube channel and when I try to verify the account it says I cant use my mobile number as it has been used too many times!!
I only have two other accounts, 1 is a personal one that I have had for rears and the other is a buisness account that I used the mobile number to verify the google+ account.
How can I get round this?

Thanks in advance
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    Does it give you the option to verify through SMS or phone call? I know that they didn't let me use my cell for SMS because I had too many accounts but they would let me choose the option for a phone call instead.
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      Yes it does I will try the call option - thanks for the advice
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    Call option is simply a good alternative for you to verify your own Youtube account. I tried this myself one time, and it really worked. But however, if there is no way that your current mobile phone number may verify your Youtube account, better buy a new sim card.
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    I went to Radio Shack got an inexpensive cellular telephone for $9.95 and used that one. Well, it really does not matter how cheap the phone is. However, it must have SMS as Google sends you a code and you must type it in. Hope that this message can help you.
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    Whenever I need new Google or Youtube accounts I just use and their plugin You can get a number for just $1/mo and get incoming SMS and calls for something like 1 cent per minute/sms you receive.
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    Some options....
    1. Setup a skype in number
    2. Swap out your sim card with a prepaid one and use that (if your phone is unlocked)
    3. Ask a friend or family member to use their number
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    Get a number from google voice as a secondary
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      Thanks for the tip
      Dont think I want a Google number - got enough of my life on their platform as it is, be wearing google underpants next!!
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    Just get a new sim card for other accounts. They are quite cheap anyways.
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