$24 commission (Udemy) vs. $30+ commission (ClickBank)

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Quick question from the publisher/advertiser side of affiliate marketing.

I have a course on the Udemy platform that sells for $97 (though I was thinking of marketing it with a 50% off coupon). Udemy has an affiliate program that gives affiliates 50% commission (rounded down $1), but it doesn't seem to have a good way to get in touch with possible affiliates. There's also not a lot of flexibility. If I gave them a 50% coupon to market with (bringing the course down to $48.5), they'd get a $24 commission on each sale. (My take would be 15% or around $7 for each affiliate sale)

But I was wondering if it would be better to host the course (the raw video files with a PDF outline and a code to give access to the course on Udemy) on ClickBank so that I can give affiliates a higher commission and get a higher return myself. At $48, after the ClickBank transaction fee, I'd still have around $44 to work with, and could give a commission of over $30, while making more than $7 per sale.

Is my logic sound on this one? Have any product creators used a similar method to sell video products hosted on other platforms? Thanks.
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