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Hey, video experts.

I have a dilemma right now. Maybe I'm overlooking something simple.

I have a FLV video (WMV converted to FLV with On2 Flix--I also tried Camtasia 5.1). It's a 600 x 400 video, approx 52 MB in size after being converted.

I want to get it smaller. And I have some hosting bandwidth hiccups at the moment, so I want to host the video on a separate server than the page it's being displayed on.

I looked at Google Video and uploaded it there. Problem is, Google resizes the video almost in half (I mean the video dimensions, not the file size). I might be able to live with a 500 x 333 video, but nothing smaller, as the slides I use get harder to read when it gets that small. Now I know it can be displayed in double-size, but then it just looks like crap!

YouTube, same thing.

I looked at Amazon S3 for hosting, to deal with the bandwidth issues, but what a nightmare just to get the S3 Firefox Organizer Plugin to work (what IS my "Account Name" that it's requesting, anyays? Even Amazon doesn't tell me that. Is it my Account ID #? My login email address? My name? I tried all 3, along with my Access Key ID and secret key, but it can't pull up my account. Even if it did, looks way too complicated for what I need, anyways.

Now I have 4 other servers I can use, and one of them is very fast, so I figured I'd just host the FLV file on the fast server and reference it from my sales page.

Uh oh. That doesn't seem to work unless I use an iFrame or something, which messes up Paypal when they click the order link.

I looked into FLV Producer, but I don't want to buy it unless I know if can play a remote FLV file.

Any other suggestions are welcomed! This is getting ridiculous. There must be an easier solution. Like I said, I'm probably overlooking something dumb!


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