Anything work that can pay me today?

by seanpbh 13 replies
Is there any kind of on-line work that I can do that can pay me at the end of the today?
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    Your best bet is to provide a service. Maybe write content for content mills like textbroker, constant content, or iwriter. Or apply for a gig in the warriors wanted section.
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    yeah, contract with someone to do something and have them pay you via paypal or whatever at the end of the day...or sell something online.
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    Yea do you have a cam, and a g string? J/K take out an ad in classified section for writing or some service like the guys said, and that would be the best way to make instant cash.
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    By offering your services you can make money fast, but only if you already know how to beat the competition. In the beginning everything is hard.

    You can also build an online business with time and make money by selling affiliate products or your own products. After building and organizing your business you will be able to make money everyday or almost everyday, but without organization this is not possible.

    Another solution to make fast money is by selling things on eBay, but you have to learn how to do it. There is no fast solution for you if you are disorganized and you are beginning now.

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      If your looking for fast cash, I would recommend selling some stuff on eBay. You'd be surprise at how much money your old stuff could be worth if you just look. Go into your attic or basement and look for things you don't use anymore.

      Back in the day eBay was my savor, I could always get some quick cash by selling stuff on eBay.
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    lol, selling your possessions on ebay isn't exactly a sustainable business

    Like the others said, selling a service is the quickest way to earn a buck. Depends how much you want to earn though, cos you're competing against people from countries where $2-$3 per hour is a great wage. You will have to be able to communicate why your service is worth the extra expense, be it quality, speed, expertise, combination of all three etc.

    Have a browse around on odesk at the types of jobs people are posting and see if any of them tickle your fancy.
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    Originally Posted by seanpbh View Post

    Is there any kind of on-line work that I can do that can pay me at the end of the today?
    Try being a service reseller. Look for a cheap service provider, charge your client with a higher price, PROFIT! I remember a couple of years ago when the first time I am doing this, I made $32 in less than three hours of setting up everything to finalizing transactions.

    I hope this helps you, getting a payment at the end of the day.

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    Sell something on ebay that ends in a day.
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    I don't know how fast they payout but try this
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      You can post online ads or gigs about doing simple things like create logos for websites or write short articles or blog posts and offer to provide very fast results.

      People who look for online alternatives to the services they want usually need things to be done as quickly as possible. Just do a bit of research first to find websites that you can actually rely on.
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    You didn't say a word about what skills you might have. People aren't going to pay you for nothing. Either you have a product that they want to buy, are an affiliate for an instant commission product or you have skills you can sell.
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