Strongest websites?

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What would you say is the strongest and most profitable website you can make with the least amount of work?
Of cource it factors in how much you promote that particular site but if you judge the content.

In my opnion it seams that sites that promotes several high selling affiliate products is more
profitable than sites that only consists of adsense/ebay/amazon (automatically inserted info) not so much actual content, they might be quicker to create but affiliate commisions are quite low instead.

I´m only guessing here since I havent made my first buck yet.
What is your comments about this?
How can you make a website more valuable?

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    Hi Karl,

    The answer to your question is probably a site like

    Get visitors to create content for you while you rake in the dough from Adsense. It does require a lot of work upfront (ie site development and promotion). But once the traffic is built up, you can generate 7 figures a year.

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    I would say the strongest markets are based upon the strongest keywords , in which i would have to say porno , health , information , gambling so on so forth

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