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I'm planning to build couple sites in English language.I target for visitors from America and West-Europe.The problem is that English is not my native language and my English knowledge is not the best.
Because of I'm planning to sell certain products and services,I regard that is flippantly build the sites in bad English.I considered engage translator or so-called proofreaders services.I want that my site(s) be built(written) 100 percent professionally.I desire, when someone from English speaking area visitors visits my site,may think out that site is written by born Englishman.
In the other hand,I am not quite sure that local translators can do this job perfect,just like an native Englishmen would do it.One of them(sites),I would update daily.What do you recommend in that case?
Just another thing.If my name should be mentioned on the site,do you think that Est-Europe,Russian and similar names may cause negative affect to costumers.If yes,should I avoid to mention it(my name) in signature or wherever or use fake name from English language aria?
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    I would suggest that you make your first port of call one of the freelance bidding sites (Elance, Guru etc.). They all have sections where you can hire editors/proofreaders fairly inexpensively. 'Test' a few proofreaders by giving them small assignments and then getting someone to double-check their work. I know this sounds a bit tedious but in the long run you will be able to build up a 'stable' of proofreaders that you can be comfortable with.

    The above is a good 'entry level' suggestion. As your business grows you should probably move towards making a more permanent arrangement with an individual proofreader.

    As far as using your own name is concerned, if people perceive that you are offering good value the 'foreingness' of your name will be of no concern to them. Having said that, using a pen or business name would be perfectly acceptable.

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    I applaud you for being so "intentional" at putting out a quality site that reads well for its intended audience.

    One suggestion, to save you some money, is to possibly post the work that needs to be done in this forum and have someone do some simple proofreading.

    Your English writing is very good! It really wouldn't be too much work for the average Warrior to make some corrections to your salespage and it would certainly be cheaper than hiring a professional proofreader.

    Keep up the great work,
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