Tell me, should I sell this website? (and how?)

by Nick Brighton 2 replies
Ok peeps, I built a small 20 page content site based around a specific problem and focusing on selling one type of CB product only. After a couple of weeks, I had someone email me directly asking if I was interested in selling the site, as they already have a similar site and obviously want that extra "network" to add to their existing business.

About the site:

The site is useful, has a really detailed side by side comparison page, several unique articles and really prominent affiliate promotion. Here's the stats:

Launched: July 28/2008
Daily Traffic: Between 10-20 on average
Traffic Sources:

- Search Engines 279.00 (66.75%)

- Referring Sites 129.00 (30.86%)

- Direct Traffic 10.00 (2.39%)

Affiliate Sales: 2

Total Commissions Earned: $58.75

Of course, the site is nowhere near what it could be, because I simply left it to work on other things whilst I let it settle in the search engines.

So what do you think I should do? Would you sell it? If so, what would you think would be a reasonable asking price?
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    Can you PM me the link to the site? I've sold several sites via Sitepoint and might be able to give you feedback on a pricing strategy.


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      A lot of people offer me to buy my blog but I refuse to sell for the value will be more higher and higher as it ages... If you think you hae time on it, sell it... But if you have plan for it, maintain it.
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