Which Would You Rather Pick

by sdlive
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Lots of ads on your site = more money with OK traffic


Little ads on your site = less less money but with Increasing traffic?

dun dun dun..
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    I'd go for the first. OK traffic plus more money is a plus point and you can just work to getting more traffic with the more money....... but.... Actually, that is a tricky one.... I'd go for the second one, less ads is always pleasing on the eye and user friendly....
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    I prefer Relevant Ads for an Interested Audience.

    Size of ad does not matter, and relevance affects traffic more than the presence of ads.
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    Originally Posted by sdlive View Post

    Little ads on your site = less less money but with Increasing traffic?
    This. No contest. I love increasing traffic, but I don't really like ads on my sites.
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    I would love a hungry market and I have all the food
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    Alot of ads does not = alot of money, it just send people's clicker to the x at the top right corner. I rather take the traffic, and try to get them to sign up to a list.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb here and do something totally wild and crazy, you're going to be shocked, but I pick both. More money and lots of traffic.

    It's your site, right? So you decide the ads. And you decide the level of traffic. So personally I'd pick the one that gives me the best reward...

    Which is both. Money-making ads, and lots of traffic.

    Plain and simple.

    Hope this helps
    Marc Rodill
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