Best Colors to use to attract new clients for Landing Page

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What are the best colors to use when creating a Landing Page. I know there are emotional colors that creates a psychological effect when viewing, have anyone had good results with any certain color scheme. I believe that good color put together with a good copy creates great results.

Thanks warriors!
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    I like the blues and yellows for authority and the reds and bright yellow for 'move fast- take action and buy now) - think McDonalds' and other fast food chains - there is a reason they are using reds and yellow - even subconsciously....

    Blues - definitely authority building -

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    Depends on the market. This is a very subjective topic. Even while you are researching it, you will see different explanations for different colors. There is no fixed answer, but there are certain similarities you will notice.

    What is your landing page about?

    From what I know, Red also makes you hungry. Thats why almost all fast food chains have red in their logos.

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    If you Google 'marketing experiments' you'll find a wealth of valuable, proven data on all areas of Internet Marketing, including many aspects on maximizing landing pages.

    Hope this helps.
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    Write in the same color as your target market.

    What in the heck do I mean by this? Simple..For every market you want to reach, they have a particular way of communicating. This is nothing new, really.

    But when you write in the same color as your market, you are effecting the phsychological triggers that move them to either like you, or dislike you. Buy from you, or click away. Come back to your page, or never return again.

    Zoheb has it right. It depends on your target market. Here's an example out of an ebook I'm writing. It's about Marketing & Color techniques.


    Red is the color of energetic connection! It's associated with movement and excitement!

    Being a "warm" color as opposed to a "cool" color, people who prefer red like entertaining others, and want instant solutions. Now.

    They want the stuff without the fluff. Want to get people excited? Then red is your color, AND your writing style is best communicated as direct as possible.

    The rock recording artist "Sammy Hagar" even has a song that fits. Guess what it's called? Yup. RED! Check iTunes for it. You'll hear what RED sounds like in the music, and it will put you in the right mood.

    Fire engine red has more impact than burgundy- A darker shade of red.

    In the spiritual energy sense, the color red is associated with the Chinese fire element. People that fit under this element talk loud and like attention. Sometimes it might be hard to get them to shut up. They demand respect and are often times over emotional and sometimes obnoxious.

    In India, it's considered to represent a connection to mother earth as it applies to the root chakra (muladhara), or "wheel of light". Therefore, the color red helps create balance.

    If your target market resides in India, a good balance of red in your sales page would be a great idea. On the other hand..

    If you're trying to sell wheelchairs to Americans, it's not the color you want!

    Does your target market prefer the color red? Just as the heat of a fire spreads, so does the passion for people who prefer red. They are full of excitement and charisma.

    Proper use of red in your sales pages can help balance and connect with your market in this case, and support increased sales.

    Red is not a good color to over use. This color is best avoided as a background under bright blue text.

    Use red sparingly, and use it to draw attention to a few specific areas of your sales pages, like headlines, sub headlines, buy buttons and the borders of Johnson boxes. Wherever you want to demand or direct attention.

    So, when you "Write in color" you're using a color that best matches the words and attitudes of your target market. And you're creating a connection between the color, and what the words on the page mean to them.

    Hope this helps as an answer to your question,

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    Blues and yellows are very eye catching and happy colours.
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    Personally I use a red based color for headlines and black type on white background for main copy. I often emphasise something in green and save yellow as a background for highlighting.

    The big thing is to make your font big enough so people can read it. Nothing turns people away quicker than small font and hard to read pages. Use lots of paragraphs and break up the lines.

    Hope this helps

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    I would say a light blue colour, almost turquoise.

    My subscribers of my newsletter took a survey I created and light blue came up as the most popular
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    Before you go and "get creative" make sure the single most important thing isn't left behind: is your website easy to read? does it have plenty of white space? Is the font size not too small, not too big? Does it contain too many distractions or is it too bland?

    yes -no
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    Blues and Greens psychologically give the reader a soothing trusting feeling. Think clouds, streams, water, trees, grass, Island vacation. All those items are things that help us relax etc.. Depending on what you are selling those are most likely what many people go for.

    I am not a big fan of reds even though there are a lot of nice sites out there utilizing that color. Red is usually a negative psychologically. Think, traffic lights, blood, stop signs, brake lights etc.

    Subconsciously, I think it annoys us if there is too much of it. SO use it sparingly.
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