{grumble, moan, grunt} I need video help

by Keith Boisvert 13 replies
Ok, after spending the day beating my head against the desk, I have come for help.

For my next project I want to have a video. I know what I want, but for the life of me I cant figure out how to do it.

I don't really want to use camtasia/camstudio to do this.

What I am looking for is someone to either point me in the right direction or something. I dont know.

What do you use to put together a professional looking video? I am not using actual video(people), but rather some special effects, text, voice over and a music background. I am not looking to be George Lucas, but I also don't want to put out a crappy video for this project.

I know I can outsource it, but I want to do this and learn.

I guess what I need is a video editor and then a way to get it to web. (not necessarily youtube, but something I can put on my site).

I downloaded a trial of Sony's Vegas editor, and it's nice, but I don't think it's what I need.

So I ask those who know what they are doing...aside from the camtasia option, what software do you use in video production(editing, splicing etc) and then what do you use to put it on the web?

Any help would be appreciated. I am off to take a break before I toss my computer out the window!

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    Keith, believe it or not, you can get professional quality videos with
    Camtasia. It's not the software that makes the quality of the video so
    much as the camera you use and the lighting.

    As for effects, if you want really amazing effects, I honestly don't know
    where you get them from. You won't get them from Camtasia. Maybe there
    is some really pro software out there that people use to make movies, but I
    am going to guess that it's going to cost a pretty penny.

    What I would do is go to Google and look up "Professional Home Video
    Production" and see what you come up with. I'll bet my best mule that
    you're looking at thousands of dollars in equipment and software costs.
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      I have been using camtasia and done some ok videos, but this particular one needs to be stellar.

      There won't be any live video. Most of the effects will come from digital juice and stuff I create myself.

      I just need to be able to put it all together then upload to web in a nice format that is clear. The editing power is really important here.

      I know that the super pro stuff is really expensive.I am not looking for cameras and studio equipment, just some decent software that will produce a nice video and output it the web so that it looks good.

      This is something I really would like to do myself, so if I have to spend a bit more upfront then so be it. I just wasted a whole day on possibly the wrong thing, so there is a cost associated with not having the right stuff as well.

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        If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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          Hi Keith,

          We use Proshow Producer from Photodex for a lot of our videos.

          It does some amazing stuff and the learning curve is easy.

          There are a few videos from them on Youtube, showing what the software can do here: YouTube - PhotodexCorporation's Channel

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            Hi Keith,

            The fastest way to learn video is to go to www.Youtube.com and use the search function.

            Hundreds of tutorials to choose from on everything from screen capture to slide show from adding text to your video to adding audio.

            Just type in "Sony Vegas Tutorial" and you will find many. Sony vegas movie studio is only $79 and there are so many great tutorials on youtube about every aspect of using it you will be in business creating your own videos before you know it.

            Or if you prefer to use other video editing software just type in the name of the software with the word "tutorial" following it and you will find many tutorials on youtube.

            Also type in any skill with the word tutorial following it and same results... do the same on google.

            Bill Myers is well worth watching when it comes to how to create videos:

            YouTube - guerillabill's Channel

            Except I would not follow his encoding suggestions as he has it all wrong ;-)

            Additionally www.BillMyers.com is a membership full of great training that should simplify things for you and it's dang cheap.

            Learning from youtube how to pros or real video forums is always better than learning in IM. These guys eat and sleep video ;-)
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              Do You want a video like this?

              It's a win win If I refer you or you use my email as a referrer ( it's a bit confusing on the site, I wasn't sure if I refer you or you use my email ?? ) we both get credits or being able to add more videos or gain video time.

              My email address brianmorgan2 <at> yahoo dot co dot uk.

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                NO, I believe he wants a professional one

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                  Check this out:
                  I do these starting from $97, give me a message if you're interested in a killer video solution...

                  Chris Willow
                  (Yes, I use adobe After FX)
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                    If you have access to a Mac, the iMovie-GarageBand combination is awesome. Between them, they can do most if not all of what you are looking for.


                    "Sell the Magic of A Dream"

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                  • Originally Posted by Chris_Willow View Post

                    Check this out:

                    Chris Willow
                    (Yes, I use adobe After FX)
                    You have any examples of videos you have done for product tours Chris?
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                      Hey Simon, Since I am launching my killersalesvideo, I've not yet created all the examples. Currently I am working on my own video salesletter, but I can do one for you, so I can use it as the example (I could give like 50% off + you will probably get some traffi from it too)
                      As long as you know what you want, I can do it...
                      Drop me a message and we can work this out

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                        Keith, you can use Sony Vegas and get some pretty amazing results from it. You just need to be patient with it and take the time to learn it inside out. There are also plugins available for it that can enhance the look even more. In fact, it even lets you animate layers in 3d space. It's not exactly the easiest thing to achieve in Vegas, but can be done.

                        So my advice, stick with it as it really is a killer program. If you want to see a few great examples of what can be done with it using effects and all, just pm me.
                        Free From Society - Escaping The Perils of Mainstream Society.
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                          Thanks everybody.

                          I am playing around more with the Vegas software now that I have had a good nights sleep(and not so frustrated).

                          I am in-process of uploading a test video(hopefully) to youtube just to see what it looks like quality wise.

                          The program does seem robust, but it takes forever to render(my computer issue not a program issue).

                          I guess we will see, and if I can get youtube to take it that will at least be step one. Youtube is slow for me right now.

                          edit: Dang it. The file is like 45M! It's a damn 7 minute camtasia screen capture tutorial with one special effect I tossed in from digitaljuice. Urrgh.
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