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I have finally decided to get a new membership script because the one I am currently using is diving me insane

I have always recommended to others to buy either DAP or wishlist but I thought I would get some feedback in here first to see which one seems to have the better reputation before I buy

If you have any experience with either of these membership scripts please leave some feedback below and pro's and con's etc

Or if you have any feedback related to either of them such as you may of been a member in a site using one of these scripts etc

So DAP or Wish List?????

Thanks for your help :-)

#dap #wishlist
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    I've been using DLGuard for my product delivery system but am starting up a new membership site and have been extensively researching the options. Just about everyone I've talked to who has used both DAP and wishlist has said DAP is the better choice. "Easier to use and configure" and "so much more versatile" seemed to be the general consensus as to why DAP was the better membership script.
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    ok thanks luke, yeah i have heard a lot of good stuff about DAP too
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    I would highly recommend DAP. I was using S2member for a while but it's not very user friendly...DAP was VERY easy to setup and I have it running on 4 of my membership sites.

    Easy Setup
    Lots of documentation
    Large community of users
    Great support
    Good licensing model (Not cheap, but definitely worth it)

    ...The interface is very basic, but that hasn't caused me any issue.

    It does what is advertised

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    I use DAP with OP. I really like it and the support is really good. I have no problem recommending it. Although I have never used anything else so I really dont have anything to compare it to. Although when I was first trying to figure out which one to buy I remember going through a bunch of threads and ended up picking DAP.

    Curious which membership script you changing from?
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      Thanks for starting this Paul as I was about to ask the same question... I was using s2member but in my opinion is not user friendly...

      So it looks as if I will be going the DAP route as well...

      You read my mind Paul, Thanks for starting the thread!!
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      Originally Posted by bigballin6161 View Post

      Curious which membership script you changing from?
      I don't want to name and shame the script owner on here but all I will say is there are a million bugs and lots of problems. It had good potential but they seem to of just left things and not bothered.

      It's been a major cock up for me because I have a membership site with 150+ videos and tonnes of sales page buttons that I now have to change

      Moral of the story.... Always go with a reputable and proven script, not a new one

      We live and learn :-)
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    DAP all the way. I've set up dozens of membership sites using several different scripts. DAP is by far the most versatile, integrates with just about anything, and support is eerily good. In fact...I bet Ravi is lurking in this thread as we speak!
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      Haven't tried Wishlist but am happy with DAP...
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