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Hi Warriors,

For those of you who own an iPhone and use the video camera function:

I'm looking to use my iPhone 4S to shoot video of myself. I just upgraded from a 3GS in April and I LOVE that the 4S has a camera lens in the front so I can see how I look when I'm shooting myself. That is SO helpful for positioning!

I'm looking for two more things: A tripod and remote control.

Is there a remote control for the iPhone so I can start/stop the shoot from my position in front of it without leaning forward to shut it off? (I'd like to limit needed editing as much as possible.)

I've done a quick Google search for remote controls for the iPhone and I get a mix of "use your iPhone as a remote control (for TV, etc.)" and actual remotes for the iPhone. What's not clear is if the remotes will let you control the video shoot. (I'd think it would.)

Also, what format does the iPhone shoot in?

I asked Apple directly about this and they told me that no remote will do this. But I found an iPhone remotes oneline like these:


Apple chat support obviously doesn't know what they're talking about.

I'd really appreciate any recommendations and your ideas/suggestions!


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    Brendon Buchard recommended doing this in one of his training videos. I have an android and the videos look really good uploaded to youtube. About the remotes you found a quick search on or amazon may reveal some reviews that may lead you in the right direction.
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      The Satechi remote looks PERFECT. However, it says that the volume button acts as a shutter control to take a picture with your phone remotely. Nowhere does it say it controls the video record function.

      I don't want to spend $40 on a remote control for the phone only to find out that it doesn't control the video record function.

      Of COURSE this question would become pressingly urgent for me on a holiday night -- when they're closed. :p I will contact them tomorrow.

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