Clickbank's New Affiliate Contest- What Cheapos!

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If you are a Premier client, you probably got an email about Clickbank's new affiliate contest.

I can't believe a company THAT big, is offering such a cheap prize, to their super affiliates!

Let me break it down for you- at first glance, it's all hyped up, seems great, and lavish- but if you look at how low the cost is, to actually rent or do the things in the prizes listed, in Vegas, you'll see what I mean:

#1: 2 Nights Luxury Vegas hotel- just TWO nights? And ONLY for two people...

So what, a deluxe suite, at a known Las Vegas chain, like MGM Grand, is in the 300's range- with NO deal or sales. So what, less than 600 bucks, for 2 days?

There are so many hotels a person could stay at for a relatively cheap price, especially for two nights- including hotels that claim to be luxury. At this rate, Clickbank, is probably getting a cheap rate too- What kind of crap is this?

Plus they are trying to bribe you with a ride in a super-car, that you can rent for a lower price anyway, for a day-

#2: The Lamborghini ride- only 60 miles of driving- That's less than $1000.

#3: Throw in some roundtrip airfare for two, which if somebody is on the Americas side of the planet- should probably equate to maybe $600 each, but no more than $1000- because they aren't even doing first class, from the sounds of it.

So the grand total, in all of this, is basically 2500-2600, and possibly even less.

So this is Clickbank's HUGE prize.

Psh- I'll pass. One day of my work, nets more than Clickbank trying to insult their premier clients? (F.Y.I. ...To become a premier client, you have to be a super affiliate or a vendor who nets at the same level (or more) as a super affiliate.)

Like hey, come in here, make a ton of sales- and we'll give you just a couple of days, and a short drive.

I could get this from a normal launch, with some partners- Clickbank is dealing with heavyweights here, and this contest just falls short. As I said, I'd expect this, maybe from a vendor- but not from Clickbank itself.

This contest really disappointed me, and I wouldn't be surprised if others felt insulted too, by the cheap quality of what is being offered- considering what they are asking for.

It doesn't feel worth it.
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    So don't enter. Others would love the prize I'm sure.
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      Originally Posted by mosthost View Post

      So don't enter. Others would love the prize I'm sure.
      Clickbank is dealing with heavyweights here. The people entering, would be able to easily afford or get something like this- no matter who they are. A prize like this, is a slap to the face, for any of Clickbank's heavyweights.

      Do you understand even, how many sales it would take to become #1 on Clickbank? We are talking about the multi-million dollar range here. They're asking for people to throw in their hard work, for a measly prize like this.

      To give this some context: even guys who aren't as big as Clickbank- are giving away better prizes, like this guy:

      Giving away a Ferrari.

      Even average people, who don't make extensive amounts of income, could head over to Vegas for a few days, and manage to afford the same kind of a supposed "luxury" prize.
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    Not everyone competes in competitions for the prizes.

    Imagine how many more Affiliate Superstart ebooks someone's going to sales by getting ranked in the top ten of this competition?

    Everyone will automatically buy the product, thinking some secret is there, only to find out email marketing and media buying won the contest.

    Credentials mean way more than they should in this business, and Clickbank is giving people the opportunity to have some pretty awesome looking tools to sell even more products in the future.
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    I completely agree. These are pretty bad prizes for such an elite level of marketers.

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    It is a slap in the face to affiliates who made them millions. Who the hell wants to take a ride in a Lamborghini, what are the affiliate's little kids

    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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      Originally Posted by Alex Blades View Post

      It is a slap in the face to affiliates who made them millions. Who the hell wants to take a ride in a Lamborghini, what are the affiliate's little kids

      Some of the people that they invited to this challenge, have already done that, own one, or potentially could buy one. They only opened this challenge to Premier clients too- btw- it's not like they just asked all of their affiliates, to try out.

      They purposefully targeted a very specific group... but other campaigns and contests targeting the same groups, don't hold back. Clickbank does multi-millions- we are talking hundreds of millions in revenue.

      This is a couple thousand max- as a prize- for all of the people that built it this huge, over the years?

      It is more than a slap in the face, then... especially considering who they are targeting.
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    Originally Posted by mikedcarroll View Post

    I'm glad that I didn't get that. But then again, I wouldn't be that interested in it if I did happen to get that particular prize.
    If anybody is interested- it is available- but CB apparently is bias, as they only want heavyweight sellers to come in, to get this prize.

    I don't find that to be fair either, but I suppose their rules are that the person who sells the most, gets the prize anyway- so there will be a lot of people who don't win then, regardless.

    However, they disqualified a bunch of people, in the process... and I am quite certain, as others pointed out in this thread, that other people would have loved to at least had the chance- if nothing else- to attempt a shot at the prize, right?

    This might not be the right kind of prize that should be offered to the people they are targeting, but I know of a ton of people who would love something like this.

    So many other contests I have seen, at least offer 2nd, and 3rd place prizes- and many marketing contests, go all the way up to 10th, place even...

    Why they decided to exclude so many people then, I have no idea? It's not like all of these people made Clickbank all this money, over the years- apparently not?

    But hey, how can we thank them? Exclude most of them- and then offer a cheap ass prize (in context to the income this same exclusive group makes), to the supers affiliates we do include. Whoever dreamt this prize and contest up, must not have very big aspirations...

    It's no wonder Dush Ramachandran, PLUS so many of the affiliate managers leave Clickbank. I have a strong suspicion, that the internal workings- must piss off a lot of people- they have a high turnover rate. I can't even begin to attempt to count the amount of times I continue to get a new manager...then another...then another. It's impossible to learn their names anymore- because tomorrow I'll have a new one too.

    But why are so many people quickly running away?

    Maybe Clickbank thanks their employees as exclusively as they do with their clients.

    Just some thoughts... is all. I know it sounds nutty and absurd to state what I have, about this prize- it's still a prize, none the less... that quite a few people would be happy to have.

    But in the context and scale of the bigger picture- Clickbank is a out such a simple compensation- especially when they will be getting a few million at least, from this contest.

    It's like saying- here, make me millions- and I'll get you an ice cream cone.
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