I've got a small list. Now what?

by cpt
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Hi Everyone,

I now have a small list of 75 email addresses that came from a free ebook. I do not have a sales funnel developed and am trying to learn how to do this. (I'm feeling completely overwhelmed by all that I DON'T know, by the way.)

Anyway, what do I do with these people in the meantime? I noticed aweber has something called blog broadcasts. Should I do this until I have a product developed? I need an excuse to get in touch with these people.

Also, does anyone have a good resource for developing sales funnels?

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    I think you should have good follow up emails to maintain the relationship. If you dont have products or sale funnels you can promote someone else's ( pretty good idea for now because your list is pretty small)

    what is your list interested in though?. Is your free ebook about making money online?
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    First, congrats on your first 75 members.

    If you are completely stuck, put out a letter telling them who you are, what is coming up for them and how you will be in their corner, helping with whatever niche you are targeting.

    This will buy you a bit of time to set up a blog, opt-in page, or whatever you are planning next.
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    How long will it take you develop a product?

    Put together a time line and start sending some content and let them know you're working on something for them as well. Also... start looking at ways to relaunch and drive more traffic to that ebook to get more subs on your list. 75 is small, but it's a start in the right direction.
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    rinse and repeat. build your list until have thousands of subs.. while you're doing this, keep sending valuable broadcast to your list to build relationship with them. and don't forget to monetize them
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    Think about what kind of people have opted in for your list:

    What are their problems?
    What are they interested in?
    What are their goals?

    Deliver emails that bring value and really help them. If you have a blog send them to some of your best blog post, a new post, etc. Where appropriate send out a promotion for a product, just make sure the email also delivers value.

    In short solve people's problems instead of slamming them with promotions every day.
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    I have a list I started July 1st (as an experiment). Trying to see if I can get 1000 subscribers by August 1st (we'll see). The whole month is build up to a free coaching series I start on August 1st only for subscribers of my mailing list. The training/product isn't developed yet (obviously) although I have an outline of what I'm going to do. But since it's a "watch me as I make money" type training... the overall prep of a "product" wasn't an issue.

    My squeeze page that I'm using is in my signature if you're interested how I'm getting them to subscribe.

    I have 200+ subscribers since the first. All from forum postings, ad swaps/buys from safe-swaps, Facebook PPC, Adsense PPC, and adfly traffic. So its a big mix of people and experience and cost-per-lead.

    I was very up front with my list about starting August 1st and my unsubscribe rate is almost nil.

    So my point is... do what you WANT to do... what you're passionate about... but don't let "not having a product" hold you back.
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    Just continue to follow up on them, and you will need MUCH more than 75 leads to see some real significant and predictable/everyday sales. But you're on the right path... 75 is better than 0. Keep creating content for your list, and have a good sales page that people can buy from. Some will unsubscribe, but dont worry about it. Just focus on making your email content as good as possible.
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    I now have a small list of 75 email addresses that came from a free ebook.
    I doubt those 75 email addresses are worth anything, or if they are even responsive, coming from a free ebook. What you can do, is build a squeeze page with a "bribe" and start capturing your own emails.
    " I knew that if I failed, I wouldn't regret that.
    But I knew the one thing I might regret is not ever having tried. "

    ~ Jeff Bezos

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    Once you got a small list built you can begin marketing to them and building a relationship with them. This will be a valuable list if you treat it right
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    Make sure you set expectations RIGHT. Make it clear what value you're going to be adding to their lives through your list. Mention the fact that you will be sending commercial materials. This is one key lesson I learned the HARD WAY when I was just starting with lists.
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    I would continue to build your list and offer them things of value to gain their trust. Market to them later. But, you need a sales funnel. That is the key here. If you have any questions, just PM me and I will try to point you in the right direction.
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    hi cpt,

    You earned these 75 followers by providing value (your ebook), and now it's time to develop the relationship further, but rushing a product is not the answer.

    I recommend preparing an email related to your niche that is informative. This can be in the form of news, updated information (new since the ebook), other areas or affiliates you trust and vouch for (can be products, more information).

    As long as the email adds value, knowledge or is entertaining you can maintain and grow a great relationship. Blasting out an email for email's sake is not the answer though. I personally love case studies and reviews, followed by an email with results but that's not applicable in all industries.
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    Originally Posted by cpt View Post

    I've got a small list. Now what?
    Spam them 5 times a day.
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