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hi guys

do you guys use multiple optins?

say if you have 6 audiobook optins, with 6 ways to get people on the list, how do you manage it?

do you have multiple lists based on the above, if so how do you organise this?

and how do you prevent repeat optins?
ie they want to get a different audiobook free,

- will they get on the same list and deny them of their audiobook?
- or will you give them their free audiobook, but then that defeats the purpose of getting them on the list in the first place
- and how does mailchimp ( yes thats who i use) deal with this?

hope im clear

#audiobook #mailchimp #optins
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    Hi Jumshi... I am not entirely sure what it is you are trying to do.

    Is it
    1) Just build a list
    2) Build multiple lists in 6 different niches

    If the former... it doesn't matter. Just add everybody to the same list. If they grab 3 of the free audios... does it really matter? You just want them on your list. You can remove the duplicates later

    If the latter... have segmented lists in mailchip and store those lists separately and market to them separately... I am assuming the niches are quite distinct.

    As long as you are not blanketing them with offer after offer... I don't see that you have a huge problem. And I am sure there is a way to filter out duplicates before mailing to combined lists through mailchip.
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    Spend time using list automation to segment your list as much as possible. This will allow you to isolate the action takers as well.
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    I use Popup domination so I target different categories. Each category has a different list.
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    I do, lets say I'm doing a new niche and I place 20 articles at 20 different locations and websites blogs ect. I will have one optin for each and no I don't join them.
    I also take them off and they go on a buyers list when they buy something. I only have to take them off when they buy they have to hit that opt in again.

    Some more things I do and I know I will raise some eyebrows in here for saying this but people know I always go against the grain.

    I always use single opt in.
    I always only ask for an email.

    Why because as we all know we lose people with the double optin. Also the simpler you make it the more they will click.
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