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I create a lot of PDFs for the info products I sell. One of the problems I run into is how to organize all the information. What often starts off as a simple report often morphs into something a lot more complex.

And it can be a real challenge to organize all the different information, tutorials and resource lists so that it provides a seamless experience for my customers.

Here is a trick I have found that makes it simple:

I print out my entire document. But to get a real birds eye view of how my content flows, I print out four smaller thumbnail page versions on each actual sheet of paper. So on my first sheet of paper I can see pages 1-4, on my second sheet of paper I can see pages 5-8, etc.

You don't want to edit your text this way. But it makes it MUCH easier to get an overall look at your project (kind of like a movie storyboard) and to see how to organize sections / move sections / or delete sections to be sure your customer has a great experience and doesn't get overwhelmed or lost in a long report.

This is doable on both Mac and PC (I have a Brother Laser printer).

On my Mac, I can choose this setting from a drop down menu in the Print dialog box. On my PC, I can choose this by clicking the Properties button from the Print dialog box, and then selecting the Layout tab.
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    I greatly appreciate your insight on this subject. I am new to info products myself and I quickly realized that I ended up writing a ton of information that I wasn't sure even made sense!

    This idea from you will definitely help me out a ton!
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      Here's another tip that has helped many of our students - use charts (MS Powerpoint works well) to create an outline for your information product.

      It's the online equivilant to storyboarding with the added benefit that you have a Presentation form of your infoproduct completed in the end. You may decide to move from the presentation outline to a fully written info product, even then you will often get the opportunity to present your system to others at seminars, webinars, tutorials, videos, etc...and you will have the presentation all ready to go.

      But most important, I've found that this helps people structure their information into a "course" or "system" format that can be marketed for a higher price than a purely informational product because it is designed from the begining to train your prospect toward an outcome they desire.

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    This is an amazing idea. Thanks for the info.
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