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I am really struggling with internet marketing and have been really trying to give value by spending ages making a large course which will give lots of value but I am really struggling knowing how to sell. I know its best for me to test which method is best but I can't take action.

If I make one sale I will be motivated but at the moment ... i'm not particularly.

So what would you recommend?

So I have created a large course which includes SEO, fb, PPC etc

I will be selling it for $997, I will be using facebook ads mostly

But I'm struggling to take action after spending lots of time creating the product.

Either I will sell it like this: Video 1 - The $710,000.00 Secret Revealed!

not as professional but it will be like this

optin (fb landing) -> first video then they come back next day for next one and then next one and then i'll sell them.

But I don't know how to set the videos to only be accessed on specific days and i'm not popular and influential and charismatic like ...


Simpler like this Elevate Sample Video Series Video 1

optin (fb landing) -> 3 15 min videos one after each other and then a sales page.


optin (fb landing) -> replay of my webinar (i can't afford gotomeeting or a webinar software I am low on cash and anyway iwould need one those auto webinar softwares) and then buy button.

4. optin (fb landing) -> SLO (self liquodating offer) $10 - $20 (guess at rpice) so PPC doesnt cost too much. and then upsale at $997 (big price difference!)

I think thats everything, thanks.
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    Sounds very much to me like you need to JV with a marketer who can set all this up for you.

    Much of what you want to do can be automated by software such as Profits Theme (or possibly Optimize Press but I don't have experience with that) or Rapid Action Profits. Profits Theme, for example, works off a Wordpress blog and sets up PreLaunch, Launch, Sales and OTO pages fairly easily.

    You'll also be able to find plugins to do some of the more specific things.


    What you are wanting to do is a whole heap of work and you might be better off spending your time concentrating on the marketing videos, sales letter copy and so on.

    You sound so unsure of how to go about this that you're in for a long learning curve.

    So outsource it or JV with someone who can run product launches if you can. Have a look on the JV section of this forum. Willie Crawford was looking for high ticket items like yours in the past, maybe that offer is still open?
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    @PortlandRocks Great information. I never thought about it but I have seen this done! Great idea thank you
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    Originally Posted by non View Post

    I think thats everything, thanks.
    Almost everything you've said is concerned with the precise mechanistic details of exactly how you sell it, but what matters more is the traffic demographics and your relationship with them. To whom you can sell it. What sort of relationship you'll need to have with those people, how to identify, attract/approach them, and how to form a relationship while building credibility and trust, and continue that process, maybe before you even mention anything about your $997 product.

    People buy $997 products from/through people from/through whom they've previously bought $27, $97 and $297 products and been delighted with them. You need to be thinking about that, not about what sort of video you're going to use.

    If I were thinking about what you're thinking about, I'd forget Facebook altogether (it would never even have occurred to me), assuming that it almost certainly has nothing to do with what I'm planning at all.
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    Originally Posted by non View Post

    I am really struggling with internet marketing
    If I make one sale
    So I have created a large course which includes SEO, fb, PPC etc
    So what would you recommend?
    Maybe to rethink the "value" of your mega-course - because with all that alleged knowledge you are NOT able to make one single sale. :p

    If you are not able to apply what is in your own course (e.g. drive traffic with PPC and convert it like crazy...) then how do you expect anybody to trust and buy your product? :rolleyes:

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    It sounds like you've put a ton of time and effort in to your course... so my simple question to you is... are you proud of what you've built? If so.. marketing it should be the easy part.

    PortlandRocks advice is good.. those webinars are very popular at the moment and getting good results too... but Istvan and Alexa make great points too.... $997 is way to high as a beginning price point especially as nobody knows who are are.. yet. And what about Istvan's point... why aren't you using all the wonderful knowledge in the course to sell your own product?

    Maybe... you need to have some other people look over your course and give you an honest opinion... and a JV partner of somekind sounds like a great idea. Just a thought.
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